Everyone has a past story.

So, it’s um, my first time using wordpress, and I’m seriously new to this, and I seriously am not getting used to it. But basically, this would be where I’ll rant about my things, considering that nobody knows about this blog. Teehee. And I seriously don’t want people whom I badmouth about knows that I am talking behind their backs, etc.

Well, this is basically like my private blog? Though I don’t know if I’ll even remember that I have a wordpress and um, blog here. But in any case, yeah, this is basically where my life comes out against everyone. Oh, and a last add-on. I don’t exactly reveal who/where I’m. So yeah, I do like being secrety. 🙂

School honestly sucked today. Or probably not just today. But anyway, school sucks everyday. Lol, yeah, I’m seriously the slacker sort of person. Hahaha. And the part that really sucks? OH, there’s just too many parts. LOL.

Throughout the entire day, I just felt like sleeping y’know. Like, it was so freaking boring and etc. Especially mother tongue, art and math. (Which is already like, threequarter of my entire day?) And with the addition of the English drama stuff. Now that’s where things get super sucky.

So we started the day off w/ English drama. And I swear, that Mr. Thomas looks like some gay that’s happy in torturing us teens. Like anybody actually cares or listens to what he’s talking about anyway. Lol, he seriously looked gay alright. Swear I’m not lying. But oh well. Worst thing is, there’s drama on Friday as well. Wtf, I do not want to see his face like, every two school days!

After that was um, art. And gladly, that witch actually didn’t come, and we’re like cheering about how glad we were for not having to hear her voice. She’s just one hell of a sarcastic witch. But the sad thing was that we had to do this dumb observational drawing thing which honestly sucked.

After that was a break, which was sorta dumb. And after that was Chemistry. Which wasn’t that bad, though it was actually kinda boring, considering that there were a lot of dumb questions asked, etc. I’m going to skip mother tongue, since it just isn’t worth my time. And lastly was Math. Which was much more boring than any other lessons. Since it’s all numbers and formulaes, etc.

I seriously wasn’t expecting grade eight to be this stressful, or probably it’s just that I’ve been rotting so much during the holidays that I stopped thinking about how things would go once school reopens. Well, I’m not the sort who just sit back, bitch about the teachers, and @ the end of the day, know nothing. Nope. I actually do want to get my good scores, and get into something better after middle schl.

Sigh. I tried sleeping earlier yesterday so that I won’t feel so sleepy this morning. Surprisingly, it worked. Sorta. Though I still felt sleepy the moment my Math teacher walked into class. Oh, that sucked.

My friend was saying, “geez, everytime I hear her voice, it just makes me sleep.” And I was actually nodding in agreement. Lol. Sighs.

School is getting worse and worse.


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