Will we burn inside the fire of a thousand suns?

Howdy, I’m back again. Well, while I’m supposed to be doing homework, actually. Hahaha. Ohwell, as much as a slacker that I am, I doubt it’ll be any difference. But anyway, I doubt I know how to do my math anyway. Or I’ll probably do it before school starts tomorrow or something.

Anyhow, I did come here to rant. Rant about what? Seriously? I want to rant about my mom. Well, she probably was the one who caused my moodiness today. -sighs- So much for the anticipation.

Sigh. I was so right. I actually seriously didn’t know how to do math. I’ll probably consult a friend tomorrow before school starts. But in any case, um, what did I want to say again? (LOL. I’m super forgetful these days.)

Right! About my mom. Yeah. This morning, I actually spoke to her about going to the Apple service centre to get my super old ipod repaired. (Somehow, the ‘select/center’ button kinda got stuck in there. But I still can press it, which is probably the only positive thing ’bout it.) And, I was actually kinda glad that mom finally has time and etc.

I got home, showered, cooked lunch, and received a phone call from mom. Okay, yeah, she did apologise for not being able to make it but she’s the one who said that there’s nothing on and that she has time to bring me over! Sigh. So much for the anticipation! I just realised that it’s the second time I’m saying that. Sigh, I think I’m getting older by the second.

But anyway, yeah, that was probably what made me stick to the sofa for at lease two hours, watching some dumb series that mom TiVo-ed. But anyhow, I supposed I wasted pretty much time on the sofa. Since I was too bored to move. Much less do my homework.

Still, the very fact that I’m typing here is just that I’ve just finished my homework, and starting to slack. Though I’m dying for mom to call back and said that I had to settle my dinner on my own, and I can finally go for my shower. I want to lie on my bed so badly, but I’ll feel very uncomfortable w/o my head washed. It’s like my bed’s um, somewhere that I’d like to keep clean from the stench from outside.

Word count check: 396.

Hahaha. This word count thingy is kinda cool eh. Lol. I’m getting amazed by the stupidest things. But ohwell. That’s me. It’s kinda crappy because the moment I slip onto my bed, I feel like sleeping already. Like my bed has some protective arms wrapped around me, giving me that urge to fall asleep immediately. No wonder I’ve got no problems sleeping!

But this probably ain’t true. Remembering the nights when I couldn’t sleep in the past. I always woke up, opened my door and went to look for my mom. Hahaha. But in any case, that’s the past, and the present? It’s like a huge lullaby, pulling me away from reality. Or maybe this even has something to do with how much I actually want my dreamworld to be my reality.

Ohmygoodness. I just remembered. There’s that stupid English Drama tomorrow again. OMG. I do not wish to do that dumb thing! It’s not as if it’ll wake us up from our morning daze anyway. Ungodly teachers.


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