You can go on and cry me a river.

Finally it’s Friday. I’ve been waiting for this day since I woke up on Monday. I don’t see how it’s fair that Monday is so far away from Friday/Saturday and how Saturday is so fucking close to Monday. It’s just unfair. It’s not as if we don’t deserve another day of break right. Worked our butts off through the week, and we only get two days of rest? Geez.

I was actually going to do my math just now, but I decided not to, considering how sleepy I’m starting to get the moment I opened my book. Probably I’d have to sit on the floor to do my homework later. Lol. Considering that sitting on the table doesn’t really work. So might as well sit on the floor and the uncomfortability will make me want to hurry up to finish my homework and indulge myself with the computer? Hahaha. 🙂 I sound real foolish now.

And I think I’m getting too addicted with wordpress that I’m starting to neglect my blogger. Hahaha. I mean, I seriously do write a hell lot more here as compared to blogger. Probably the thing is that blogging here, in wordpress, is something new and fresh. While blogging in blogger is just boring and dull? Lol. I don’t think I had typed so much the first time I started using tumblr.

I shall take a nap, then continue my post. 🙂

So, it’s right now, um, eleven plus, close to midnight, and I’m um, lying in my bed, waiting for the time where I get super tired and start dozing off. Hahaha. Well, that’s basically what happens every week. I couldn’t remember which day it was, but I dozed off while waiting for something to load. Lol. It just starts to become a ritual.

But in any case, I feel like writing my FF. Hahaha. I mean, editing it. It’s not perfect. And I think I’m neglecting a lot of other characters involved in the story. Like, I didn’t add in their past and everything. Sigh. There are major editing needed! But I just don’t have the time to do them.

In any case, I’ll just try my best and edit the parts where I constantly get ideas and see what I can do for the parts that I don’t. (LOL. Sounds kinda stupid.)

So, after napping just now, I went on to read the book I borrowed from Sandy. Which is um, Maximum Ride: The Angel Experience by James Patterson. And I swear, I almost couldn’t put down the book when I wanted to do my homework just now.

Can you imagine that! It just keeps me absorbed in it. Great job there, Patterson! Well, just a brief review about it, considering that I’m that tad bit close to the ending already. So basically it’s about six kids, um, mutant freaks, since they have a pair of huge wings, like birds. Well, obviously they have the wings from something… But I’m not going write about that. You can find that out from the book. However, I swear, it’s seriously a good book! 🙂 Well, considering that it had gottten the goal of the reader not being able to pull away from the book, is basically what makes it a good book. 😀

Now I’m sounding like I’m doing an advertisement for the book. HAHAHA. Lol!

Sigh. This year, the choir practices, somehow,they’ve changed the um, what’s that called? Oh, they’ve changed the venue for the practice. And I swear, ever since they’ve switched our practices on Tuesday in the AV theatre, the worst thing is actually that we’re not having enough fun there. And it feels as if is so far away from each other. Probably because of the amount of chairs there. And seriously, it’s much much much more boring. Considering that there’s no places to play some crappy games. Sigh. Some kind of torture for a year. 😦

Hope things work out for the best this year though. It’s a new year, and I swear, it isn’t a good start.

Ps. You’ll never know what happens next.


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