Let your mind lose.

I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to rant about her. Argh. I seriously do not understand why people like/agrees with her blog. I swear, half the things in her blog is probably false anyway.

Probably it’s just me, or whatever, considering that I’ve used braces. Why? Because she just wouldn’t stop critisizing braces. As if there’s something wrong with people having braces on. Fucking bitch. I don’t think it’s even right to talk such things against people who had done/doing braces right at this very moment.

And seriously, I do not understand what’s so good about invasalign. Just because it’s transparent and people wouldn’t have to know that you’re wearing something that makes your set of teeth straighter? I don’t think it’s such a disgracing thing to let others know about what method you’re actually using to straighten your teeth. It’s not disgraceful y’know.

However, what I get from her blog post is that it’s disgraceful to let people know that you’re having braces on to straighten your teeth. I swear, there’s nothing unprofessional about it. In fact, I think it’s actually kinda cool. I mean, yeah, for kids, probably. Probably for adults, tongues might wag about how you’re already an adult and you’re still having braces on.

But seriously, it’s all the way you think. You’d think that people have such thoughts, but whether or not they have it, I don’t think it’s your business unless they told you about it. However so, if they actually do tell you that, I swear, you’ve got to keep your guards up. Considering how judgemental that person is.

Anyway, the main thing about this post is actually just ranting about how bitchy and thickskinned some blogger are. And up until now, I still do not understand why so many people likes to read her blog. Plus, I still strongly believe that my blogposts are much more mature and cooler than hers. Together with the fact that I’m younger than her, and I can write much better blog posts.

I. Seriously. Do. Not. Support. Idiotic. Blogs. And. Idiotic. Blogposts.

Ps. Things wouldn’t be the same this way then.


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