I’d catch a grenade for ya.

Wow, just checked the site stats. Seems like the link in my blogger is working huh? LOL. I mean, two of the views were referred from blogger. But anyway, um, please do comment when you visit. The link’s at the end of one post.

So, um, I hadn’t mentioned this huh? But anyway, um, I went searching for informations about psychology. And I swear, it’s pretty um, hard to understand. Considering the words used and everything. And it’s actually kinda hard to read the ‘book’ on the net. Though I’m very tempted about printing them out so that I could read them whether I’m at home or not, I’m not too sure if that’s a good idea.

But anyway, I’m actually supposed to be sleeping now. Hahah. But I seem to be making no moves to that. Though I seriously can close my eyes right now and doze right off. Well, the only reason why I’m supposed to be sleeping now is because of school tomorrow. Seriously, I don’t feel like going already. Lol.

School is such a torture alright! And it’s as if everything in school is a lullaby. Because the moment I walk into school, I feel that stress on the back of my shoulders and the sleepiness that waves into me. Guess I’m seriously not so much of a schooling person huh?

But anyhow, there’s school tomorrow. And I’m seriously still wondering if I should go to the library tomorrow after school. Honestly want to borrow the Maximum Ride books!

Ps. Maybe it’s time you let go of me.


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