I’ve got nothing.

Seriously, if you’ve noticed, other than the first post, it’s all of the same catagory. Lol, because it is true. I only blog when I’ve got something in my mind. And when I need a place to vent it all out. And seriously, I thought that’s what everyone does to their blog? Hahaha.

Actually, I don’t even know what I want to write about today. I mean, it’s not like it’s an easy thing to come up with something and blogging everyday. And the fact that I don’t know what I’m angry at doesn’t help at all.

You see, it seems like my mind has something haunting it, and the worst part of it is that I can’t figure out what exactly is haunting me. Zzzzzzz. Sheesh. It’s two nights in a row that I don’t get a good sleep already. I’m actually thinking that it’d be the aircon since the nights had recently gotten much more warmer.

Oh, in addition, I think I’m seriously abandoning blogger. I haven’t been going in these days. But I’m not so sure if I really can abandon blogger and switch to wordpress. Like, I hadn’t find my way through the editing of codes. Or worst still, I can’t edit it? I don’t know man.

Well, I was pretty annoyed when I thought that tumblr doesn’t allow you to edit your tumblr codes. But after mingling around, it wasn’t true. That I could actually edit the html codes. Wonder if wordpress does? I doubt so. But anyway, I’ll see how things go. Probably I’ll head back to blogger, post a couple of posts there. Or I’ll just um, maintain two blogs together. Won’t be too difficult, I guess.

But who knows if I’ll be so into the brand new fresh kind of blogging and abandon blogger? Hahaha, I wouldn’t be surprised. But ohwell. I think I’ll just end here. Finish up my history and probebly head to nap before lunch. I’m starting to become more and more of a slacker man.


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