Everything’s predestined.

Oh, my god. There’s seriously no hope for math man! I mean, damnit, I don’t even know how to do the simplest questions of all of them. How’m I gonna supposed I’m to pass my test? Oh my god. Even after switching to English, I still find no hope, since my English assignment was actually some creative writing thingy. And seriously, I don’t know where did all my inspirations go to, considering that I can’t get through even the first line. OMG. I’m freaking dead. This is dued tomorrow. Math is dued tomorrow. HOW AM I GONNA FINISH MY HOMEWORK! Ugh!

And, it fucking won’t be possible to write three paragraphs of suspence right! Wtf, MdmJ, you’ve gone too far today! Ugh! I don’t know how I’m going to finish this. Though as easy as it sounds it is, my assignment is definitely not an easy thing to finish. Dang! Sigh, I seriously don’t know what’s the story line, just writing by instinct. Though I think there’s a lot of parts where I’m telling not showing. But oh well.

Latest update: Homework is done!

Hahahaa! Omg, you cannot imagine how great it feels to be homework-free! At lease, at the moment. Hehehe. I’m not done with Art yet but I guess I shall worry about that tomorrow, since Art’s on Wednesday. Phew.

And anyway, um, I don’t know if it’s such a good idea to redirect people from blogger over, since it defeats the whole idea of secrecy would be gone. But sigh, nevermind! Anyway, project work tomorrow, phys ed tomorrow, choir tomorrow. Damn, Tuesdays are one of the busiest days man. Together with Wednesdays. Sigh!

Hello people. Please do comment on my posts! I’m sick of checking the site stats, would really appreciate if you’d comment. 🙂

Ps. Everyone has a past story, but not everyone has a happy ending.


5 thoughts on “Everything’s predestined.

  1. Hello~ i just made an account and most probably i’m gonna write another blog…..even if i neglect it… >w<

    1. Made an account w/ what? Blogger? LOL. Sometimes having a blog isn’t that bad y’know. Cause you can just rant and rant. Without worrying about how your hands hurts. 🙂 Though seriously, it might be kinda tedious for you, since you type so slow. HAHAHA. 😛

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