Everything’s predestined.

Well, for Fairy Tail fans, you’ll probably realise that some of my posts are actually titled by somethings related to Fairy Tail. Guess I really am getting addicted to it. Though it’s proven that I’m still a loyal fan to ShamanKing! Hahaha, to those @ cafeteria during lunch, you’ll know! Hahaha!

Damn, I realised, I’ve been much more different from the start of last year than this year! But oh well! At lease I ain’t lonely anymore. Teehee! But I think my change, isn’t good. In a sense.

I’m trying to say that there are pros and cons to me changing. This probably isn’t the right place to talk about the pros and cons though. But anyway, um, it doesn’t have to be ranting right.

So basically, this post was poseponed from being posted on Wednesday, to today, which is Thursday. Teehee. I was lazy to continue typing last night, since by the time I’ve finished dinner, it’s like, freaking late already. But anyway… I’m back today.

School was fucking stupid today. Especially during d&t. There’s this external training teacher that came in, and what really pissed me off was her freaking speech. I mean, okay, fine, your English seriously suck, but honestly? Improve on your fucking tone? I don’t owe you a million dollars? Wtfuck. You’re here to teach, not show how rude you can be.

And then there was the stupid assembly. That sucked because those stupid teachers think that talking to us would make any difference. Like, hello? What have you said today that you haven’t said last year? And Denise kept going on and on about the teacher saying “I refuse to believe!”, saying “I know you refuse to believe, but nobody asked you to believe in the first place!”

Honestly, I think that the teachers really need more attitude improvement. Like, I doubt it’ll be hard. Since they’re always getting us to be more gracious, but who’s the ones who’re not? Oh, you know the answer. But seriously, I don’t think I’m in the right place to talk about all these things too because I think that there’s no one person in this world that hasn’t had any mean thoughts.

Ps. Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger.


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