All I ever feel like doing is dying.

Right. I just finished indulging myself with all the available Fairy Tail episodes. (Yeah, continuing from where I had to wait.) Lol. Seriously, I was so engrossed with the episodes that I didn’t realise that was the end already. Zzzzzzz. It was even worst cause I kept a few episodes for a few weeks, then watch all of them together. Feels very pathetic y’know.

School was boring ttvm. As usual. Had English Drama. Seriously, I don’t understand why the stupid teachers like to torture us so much that they keep adding English Drama as part of our education. Honestly, I do not see what’s the point of going through all these enrichments. Because in the end? We won’t even fucking use them. But ohwell, the teachers will never see that it’s useless and pointless.

Sometimes, I wish there’s a better bridge towards the teachers and students. And I do not understand why can’t everybody be treated the same way. What really pisses me off is that why are we supposed to respect the teachers when they don’t even respect us as their students? Huh? Don’t you find it pathetic and ridiculous?

Y’know how they always say that we shouldn’t take everything for granted? Hi teachers, you’re already taking us students for granted. And I do not understand why we all oblige to it.


Lol. I’m considering to quit wordpress and head back to my blogger. But, thing is, I don’t think I can type even half as much I do here as compared to in blogger. LOL. But thing is, I can edit my codes in blogger. And I can’t do any of them here. Seriously screw you, wordpress, for ruining the whole thing like that. The real problem is actually being unable to put my music code. It honestly does suck alright.

But forget it, I can’t complain over every single thing that I’m unhappy about right. So what really happened in school today? Tonnes of things, and I swear, it’s probably the day that I laughed so much since the start of the year. Hahaha. Hehhee, library tomorrow with Joanne, Denise and Evon!

Ps. Maybe you should try to understand how I feel.


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