When in the end, all you’ll get is nothing.

Your dear blogger here is sick! Okay, this is so delayed. I was sick this morning, and feeling much better now. Probably after the medicine that I took throughout the day. But still, this morning, I’ve got a massive headache. And then I started vomitting. Almost decided to go to school, luckily I didn’t. Cause the moment mom left home to fetch dad out, I vomited. A hell lot.

And I swear, I’ve got no idea what I’ve vomited considering that everything has already gone out the night before. But anyway, yeah. And in the end, until lunch, I’ve vomited water. And though after vomiting, it feels damn much better, it still sorta freaks me out. Lol.

It’s been so long since I’ve gotten sick like that already. Surprised huh. LOL. I don’t even know what I’ve eaten wrong. Whatever I’ve eaten, my folks had ate them too. They’ve got completely no problem, and I missed three tests just because of this stupid thing. Now I don’t even know how I’m supposed to get my test results. Omg sigh!

Guess I better find the teachers tomorrow morning to get my tests, hopefully do them up by tomorrow and hand them up early Wednesday morning. Sigh, life’s so damn hard. Zzzzzz. But on the plus side, I’ve managed to skip lit! LOL. That sounds kinda stupid, but yeah. LOL.

Ps. When life has got you down, you’ve got someone here that you can wrap your arms around.


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