If only I can take these feelings away.

I had originally wanted to put a youtube video up on this post, as the header. But I didn’t have any idea how to do so, so I’ve decided to skip that thought. Hope you actually don’t mind, though there’ll be tonnes of chances of me posting videos as soon as I get a hang of everything on wordpress. (Real problem is actually the whole wordpress thing. I guess. Tryin’a keep it simple and sleek y’know.)

Seriously, I just posted the link of the video up. If it shows up, it shows up. If it doesn’t, I’m really sorry, again. I’m actually desperately trying to finish my holiday homework. But obviously I’m failing. Like, so damn hard. I swear, it’s like the hardest thing I’ve done since the weekend. Other than all the vomitting, I guess. But still, it’s still so fucking hard. Zzzzzzz. Damnit.

I don’t actually intend sleeping early tonight. I don’t know why, just don’t feel like sleeping. However, seriously do not feel like doing homework as well. Though I’ve got tonnes of them and I seriously doubt I’ll be bringing them out of town together with me. Seriously, I’d like to enjoy my weekend while I can.

Which is probably why I’m trying to get as much homework done as possible and honestly speaking, I seriously doubt it’s even possible. LOL.

Right. I think my house’s infested with mosquitoes, by the amount of mosquito bites I’m getting – ever since I got home. Damn, I don’t think I wrote about this before. But crapshit, mosquitoes are my enemies – practically. I hate them to the ultimate core, but they just love my blood so much that they’re attached to me. And I swear, I hate it when I get mosquito bites. Not because I lost blood to them, it’s because the bites are just so fucking annoying, itchy and burning.

Crap, now I’m dedicating a whole paragraph to the mosquitoes. Zzzzzz. Damnit. STOP DRINKING MY STUPID BLOOD. Ugh!

Oh, right, hahaha, guess what. I’m actually in the mood to write so much because I’ve finished my … Maximum Ride: School’s out — forever. It wasn’t as good as the first book, but it wasn’t that bad. Though I skipped the fighting parts since I wanted to finish the book fast. But that’s only towards the end. Lol. But anyway, yeah, I’ve finished that. And starting on the sequel tomorrow. And I’m actually very surprised by how thick it is. As compared to the next one. Lol.

Nevermind. It’s a good series afterall. So, yeah, I’m just going to continue reading. As of now? I’m heading to escape from reality!

Ps. I said I need you.


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