We could just walk away from everything.

Right. I had originally saved a draft just now back when I was still in my relative’s house. Guess it didn’t get through then. Probably because my aunt turned off the wifi. But anyway, yeah, um, I had a reunion dinner with my paternal side of relatives, and um, it was seriously boring. For me. Since um, my aunts and uncle are like, closer to my dad’s sister, and I’m like, the only niece there? So, yeah, it was very out of place. In a sense.

Hahahah, right now, I’m actually considering what video I should post up. I’m too tired to think of anything though. Okay, gonna post one up. Guess you’ll see if the moment you open the thing. BUT, WHO CARES. LOL. OH. There’s no more vid. Continue reading if you’d wanna know what actually happened.

So, yeah, back to the first paragraph. Tonight was only reunion dinner. There’s still a whole going around town to visit relatives, etc. Oh right. I realised huh, these days, I actually dream about actual stuff. What I mean? Right, I actually mean by I dream about um, déjá vú dreams. And I keep mysteriously get reminded about how things are like, damn familiar. Completely not joking. Too bad if you think I’m joking. Hahaha.

It’s actually like, a super pity that you’all weren’t able to see the video that I posted in the previous post. That song is such a meaningful one. Sigh! And I would actually post another meaningful song, but seriously? I can’t even think of any. LOL. I’d post Fairy Tail’s ending. But oh please. Zzzzzzz. Omg man. Taylor Momsen seriously has a strong voice! Omfg!

But anyway, um, okay, forget what I’ve said at the beginning of the post. I’m not posting a video tonight. Considering that I’m probably gonna go on and on about idk what.

School was exceptionally stupid today. Or yesterday. But whatever, I haven’t slept. And I’m still living in second Febuary. But anyway, it doesn’t really matter. Since it’s actually the holidays now and I’m not gonna school for the next three/four days. Till the weekend ends, that is. But still, school was exceptionally stupid today. Why? Because of the pathetic performances that the teachers got for us. I mean, yeah, they did a concert thingy. And I swear, it’s the most boring thing I’ve ever sat through in my life. In the end, we were actually watching other teachers’ children that they’ve brought along to school with them. Hahaha, it was such a joke!

Everything’s that happening on stage was boring, and off stage, right @ the back of the hall, there’re just some cute little toddlers, walking around, jumping around, having fun. And we’re just watching the cuters ‘performances’.

But anyway, yeah, that was second Febuary. Totally over already. I don’t think I can write about today. Other than the fact that I’ve sat on the car for about five hours and um, it was a complete boring five hours. Considering that there were a lot of parts where I didn’t sleep because I couldn’t. Because I was supposed to be awake to help my folks to stay awake. But ohwell. Guess after Dad took over Mom from driving, things got pretty much interesting, and I just couldn’t even relax.

I’m heading off to bed. I’m feeling tired enough already. I have no idea how I used to stay up till seven then fall asleep. But I sure as hell can’t do that right now. Considering that I still have to go back to school after the weekends. I’ll probably do that again during the vacations. Teehee. I’m some whacky person huh? I’ll probably wake up early tomorrow and read my book or something. Heheh.

But seriously, I don’t feel like sleeping. Sigh. I shall watch Gossip Girl. Hehehe. Either that, or I’ll watch my movie. That’ll kill a few hours.

Ps. Sometimes, all I ever wished for is for someone to be here, someone here that I can wrap my arms around. But guess, that’s just fat hope. Or probably a hope that will never come true. Never in my life.


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