You think I’d learn my lesson by now.

Finally wordpress is back in place. I mean, I’ve been so annoyed by how the ‘new post’ page looked like this morning that I’ve decided to head back to blogger to blog, instead of blogging here in wordpress. Sigh, guess it’s back to normal. 🙂

But anyway, I’m definitely not looking forward for tomorrow’s dinner at my maternal uncle’s place. I mean, it’s gonna be super awkward, and I’ll be super out of place. I don’t know how or why, but I just know it. Because the last time we went for such a dinner, the exact same thing happened. So, I’m guessing that history would replay.

In any case, I think it’d be best if I’d hide back into my shell that I’ve removed since 2010. But I think it’d be best if I put it back on, because I think the world’s screwing up because of my wellbeing. Guess I have to be suffering so that the world can be happy huh? Oh sorry, scratch that.

But anyway, yeah, I suppose that’s what I’m gonna do. Though I’ve got completely no idea how I can change back right at an instance. But anyway, I’ll try.

But seriously, I do hope that tomorrow’s meal wouldn’t be so awkward, then I won’t have to sit through the night awkwardly. Sigh!

Ps. Maybe I need someone to take me away from everything.


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