This ain’t a scene, it’s a goddamn arm’s race.

It’s hard knowing that it’s Sunday ALREADY. I mean, hey, why can’t the freaking weekend be longer so that we can rest up from the entire week of fucking crap? Jeez.

Right, so, um, I’m back from a crazy night where sleeping didn’t felt like sleeping when I woke up this morning. What happened? I have no idea. But I’m sure as hell know that I hadn’t slept well last night. Definitely. Probably because of the heat or something. I don’t know. But I know that sleeping didn’t felt like sleeping last night. Maybe it was my mind. I don’t know?

But anyway, I came back from a dinner @ my uncle’s place last night, with a whole new different perspective. I don’t know what happened there, but suddenly, my old perspective was back into my mind again. And I don’t know, if I start being anti-social, don’t worry, it won’t be as bad as before. Probably just a lot more quieter or whatever.

Anyway! Damn, this flu is getting me freaking out man. I mean, it really sucks to be sneezing every two minutes as compared to coughing every two minutes. At lease it’s just coughing. But when I sneeze, nine out of ten times the mucus would be out and I’d have to run and grab tissue papers. Sheesh.

WTF man! Omg, I totally love jpop! I mean, as compared to kpop, I think I like the hell out of jpop much more than kpop! TEEHEE. ;D I mean, I had been wanting to check out W-inds (a Japanese band) since I saw the poster of them @ a shopping mall when I was out with Joanne. Since they sang the sixth ending for Fairy Tail, it wasn’t a um, it wasn’t an unfamiliar name. So, yeah, I decided to check it out this morning. And heck I should’ve done that long time ago man!

They’re a band that’s freaking cool. I mean, though Be As One was a sad and romantic song, all the other songs from them are just super pop and super cool! OMG. They’re just so cool man! LOL. Then I’m like, it’s a confirm that I’ll end up downloading a tonnes of songs from them today. HAHAHA. And if I’m not going out, I might even be able to spend the entire day listening and downloading songs. But the sad thing is! My mom wants to go out for lunch. So, yeah, I can’t spend the entire day listening and downloading. Then throughout the day, in the car, I’d be lonely w/o it. D: Damn, I’m loving their songs!

I’ll come back for more. Probably tomorrow. 🙂

Ps. Stay with me.


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