Why can’t we just accept it?

My room was like a sauna room last night. I didn’t turn on the airconditioner, I didn’t open the windows. All I turned on was my fan. And I swear, I think I was pespiring in my sleep. But anyway, that’s not the point of my post today. Today wasn’t really a good day. But in the sense that it’s a very usual day.

Recently it came into my mind. Why is it that we only see the bad in things and not the good? Why is it that we’re always blabbering about how bad life is? Why is it that we can’t just accept that life is unfair? Shouldn’t living mean that we should accept whatever crap life gives us?

Life can never be perfect. Nothing can ever be perfect. ‘Cause the moment you get something perfect, you’ll want more from the ‘perfected’ thing. What do I mean? For example: you started out living in a government housing building. And you feel very cramped, and you’re very desperate in moving. But once you’ve moved into an apartment/condominium, you’d want to upgrade to living in a landed property, in an actual house. It’ll never stop. You’ll never get what you want. Because what you want is always changing.

In my recent opinion. I think living is about how good you’re at adapting. Life is constantly changing, and you’ve got to constantly adapt to it. You can’t expect the world to revolve around you. Though it’s really a habit really hard to kick off – stop complaining about things – I’m trying. But you better hope I don’t kick it off completely. Because in the end, you’ll come to realise that my posts will be nothing but crap. HAHAHA. And seriously, when I’ve stopped complaining, there’s only two possibility in what’s happening to me…

Ps. It’s time.


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