I need another story. Something to get off my chest.

School today was freaking boring. I mean, which day isn’t. But in any case, yes, it is boring. And I spent most of my time figuring out the notes for Secrets. Which is the vid up right @ the top of this post. Which shouldn’t be too far away, since this is only the start of the post. And I swear, I almost died listening to this. I mean, it’s just so amazing. But obviously I wouldn’t be able to play like that. But yeah, I’m learning… Like… yeah… OMG, I’m seriously ranting. Wtf.

So yes, then again, school was boring today. Had more subjects than yesterday, I think. Or maybe not. Lemme see… Yesterday was Wednesday… Oh, no, today had less lessons than yesterday. Yeah, lesser. But it was still freaking boring.

Had Art yesterday. Almost died of a heartattack when I realise that I didn’t bring my sketchbook out. I mean, I almost died of a heartattack because I was so surprised that I didn’t put the book into my bag. I mean, just wtheck man. But anyway, that’s so over. And, today, another deadmeat thing. But who cares.

Had Design and Technology (D&T) and um, almost died with a heartattack when my teacher said how we broke our ‘agreement’ and there’s going to be a freaking penalty thing by the end of the semester. I mean, if you remember, yeah, fine. Whatever. Though I doubt anyone would even remember it. That is only if we’d stop going to the workshop late. Yeah, that’s it. But anyway, that’s not the end. There’s still one part regarding D&T.

So, we were supposed to draw our ideas on the paper given, and we’re supposed to draw the final drawing today. During lesson. But anyway, everyone didn’t do a single thing on their paper and we ended up pissing that external teacher. (because our ORIGINAL teacher wasn’t teaching. Duh.) Hahaha, I don’t know, I’m actually happy that we pissed her off. LOL. I’m a weirdo. Probably cause I dislike her or something.

And y’know what? We spent one freaking hour trying to draw a nice isometrical drawing. And I swear, it wasn’t easy. And it seriously isn’t helping when a freaking person next to you keeps saying “how to draw!”. Yeah, and already yours truly here, can’t draw well. Asking me to draw isometric drawings probably equals to asking me to die. But anyway, I survived. So, yeah.

That was the end of the proper lessons stuff. Thereafter, we had assembly. And I swear, it’s probably the worst assembly I’ve been to. (Probably not the worst. But yeah, you get the point.) Why? Because that freaking woman just wouldn’t stop yaking about how we owe her eight minutes (because we ‘failed’ to settle down by a certain time). Seriously? Was that eight minutes so important? Because last I checked, if it was that important, obviously you wouldn’t take five minutes away from eight.

Anyway. Today, I got ditched by mom at the train station after going somewhere together. I mean, yeah, seriously ditched. And I swear, I totally regretted not bringing my earphones out. Because y’know what? I ended up taking a bus ride for about half an hour and didn’t listen to any music at all. Like, wow huh. Because I never do get on a public transport alone w/o my music. And I swear, it wasn’t a good feeling. I don’t feel safe w/o music. But anyway, yeah, I survived through. And y’know what? There was this girl, w/ her three other friends. And I swear, that girl didn’t stop yaking until she got off the bus. Probably even after she’s still talking. Seriously? Who’s interested in listening about how your godparents treat you? And really? You can’t speak softer? I totally regretted not bringing my earphones out. Sigh!

But anyway, I managed to organise my mind a little, relaxed a little and thought about things that I don’t usually think about. I wondered, why is it that we always take people for granted? Why is it that we say that we hate people who lie, and yet we lie to people, and to ourselves? Why is it that we don’t want people to take us for granted and yet take others for granted? No, I’m not going to say that because ‘we hate people who lie’ and ‘we lie to people’, we hate ourselves. Not in that manner, because a lot of people lie a lot, hate people who lie, and loves themselves like no other.

Seriously. To my last two questions. There’s only one answer I can think of. We. Are. Selfish. Period. Yes. We, humans, are selfish. Not only as a whole. But also as individuals. Sad? Yeah. Regretting? Not so much.

But hey. Do you even realise or agree with what I’ve said? Because truthfully, people usually wouldn’t believe or accept about nasty things said to them. Why? Because they, themselves don’t want to accept that they’re like that. Hey, no worries, this is human nature. I knew, long ago, that the human nature, is the ugliest thing in the universe. But truthfully, I wasn’t expecting it to be so awful. But hey, it’s in me too. So, yeah. Basically. Everyone’s the same.

I’m sorry if I’m giving you wrong ideas with these are all words and no actions. I am trying to cut down on the amount of times I complain about things. I am trying to watch the words I say. But truthfully, I’m failing immersely. Because it really is very hard to kick off the habit that you’ve cultivated throughout the years. But I’m working on it. Maybe you should too.

Ps. Maybe if you knew, you’d stop asking.


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