Maybe it’s time you stopped.

Right. If the video freaked you out, I strongly apologise. Though I don’t think it’s much of a scary thing. Instead, I found it sorta sad. Or should I say, it was because I was pretty much sad yesterday. But all in all, I did find the video sad. Why? Um, I’d suggest you watch the video before you start reading this. Since I know of lots of people who doesn’t watch whatever is posted and just read my posts. I guess.

Why the video would freak you out. Probably because of how the zombie looked like. I almost ran away from my laptop when it got to that part. Yes. Why it was sad? Alright, there’s a few parts. The first part of the video was actually pretty sweet. Until the part where the girl actually accepted the zombie to go over for dinner. What happened was that the moment the girl saw that it was a real zombie, she freaked out and ran away. Finding all exits possible. Why? Because it’s a zombie. Yeah. LOL. Why it was sad? Because the girl cared more about the appearance than the inner beauty of the zombie. I mean, wasn’t love supposed to be all about the ‘inside’ and not the ‘outside’? Guess it was just my wishful thinking. Why it freaked me out? Because after the zombie kissed the girl, she changed into a zombie as well. And I swear, the female zombie looked much scarier than the male one.

THAT WAS A WORDY PARAGRAPH. LOL. There’s more coming up. Just, let me finish up my assignment.

I did some research due to the assignment I was supposed to do. (Yeah, and it’s done already btw.) And I realised how the domestic workers were treated. And obviously if it happens in my country, I wouldn’t be surprised if the same kind of story appears when I do research about how the domestic workers in another country are treated.

Unexpectedly, being a pretty much cold-blooded as I am, I actually do feel sorry for the domestic helpers all around the world. I’m not saying that all of the domestic workers are actually treated badly by their employers. But, from what I saw, it seems to be that there are at least fifty percent of the domestic workers out there, crying out for help. Alright, truthfully, yes, I am occasionally racist towards people from other races, people from other countries. I know that I’m wrong. I’m trying to change that fact. But as much as I’m racist, other people are actually that much of a sadist to abuse them. Hey, if you’re that much of a racist, and that much of an abuser, don’t hire a domestic worker into your house. They have the basic human rights too!

Sorry. Got too carried away from the whole school thing. Hehehe. But still, this message needs to be carried out. It’s not just in where I live. It does not just happens in the Middle East. This is happening everywhere.

Ps. So can you hear me when I call your name?


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