It doesn’t help, to make believe that you are right behind me, saying it’s okay.

Omg. I feel depressed. I don’t know, probably because of the song or something. But yes, I do feel depressed. Today wasn’t exactly a good day. Especially since everything seems to be going towards me and that um, I’ve been having a headache on and off. It’s irritating y’know. But y’know what, life just doesn’t go your way. And hahaha, I just remembered that I have to bring my phys ed clothes. Damn. I should’ve forgotten all about it. Then I’ll be able to skip it. 😛

Had real freaking boring English today. Had a break, and continued on with a period of crap 2nd language, since our teacher didn’t come and stuff. And then, had lit. I swear, it wasn’t the teacher that was boring. It was actually that our original teacher was walking around the classroom, and it was seriously annoying. Because, he’s just like a ghost, suddenly appearing at the least expected.

Then it was Chemistry. Hahaha, sorta fun. Cause my teacher was seriously joking with us, and to tell you the truth, it’s not like the class is in the perfect place. Seriously. I mean, yeah, we’re definitely not the class that teachers would want to enter and teach. Sometimes, I find it so disturbing that I can barely pay attention to whatever is being taught.

But anyway, yeah, that’s probably just how my day had been. Yeah, I’m starting to type a little less. Ohwell, there’s always a give and there’s always a take.

Ps. In quiet rage, I’m staring at this empty notebook page.


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