Breaking slowly.

Already Over pt. 2, Red.

Huh. I don’t know what happened to the whole video thing. But I know it’s freaking weird right now. Whatever happens to it after I publish this thing, I’ve got no idea. So please don’t blame me if my video is not working. In any case, this song was actually a song from 2006. But I’ve just recently found it. I mean, I’ve got the original version. But this is part two. So, yes, there is a difference. You might wanna find the first part first though. Both are just as depressing. Yeah.

Today have been a pretty boring yet hectic day. A lot of things went through my mind, though I’ve got pretty much no time to specifically think through them. But in any case, yeah, things has been going through my mind. I texted my seniors, and I’ve gotten more information that I’ve gotten since idk when during my time at choir.

During d&t, our teacher didn’t come. So we ended up having a combined class. I swear, that one and a half hours was a torture. I was rushing through some of the homework that I haven’t do. And I swear, so many people were bored to their core and didn’t even bother to listen to whatever he’s talking about.

Sorry for the short post, but that’s it for today. Too tired/lazy/fill in your own word to continue.

Ps. I give it all to you.


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