The world is changing.

Remember how I always say that ignorance is bliss? I’m always the one who’s not in bliss. Yeah, there’s pretty much only one answer. Because these days, I know things that I’m pretty ‘glad’ to know. And yet, surprised to find out. Okay, it’s hard to put my contradictions through words. But it just totally makes sense in my head. Hahaha.

So, had classes today. It was a boring day. Especially before break. And for some reasons, once we came back from our break, it’s like the atmosphere suddenly changed to become light-hearted. Kinda cool y’know! But to tell you the truth. History was seriously boring. Together with the addition of it being back to back with English Drama. It’s even worse. Though even without History, English Drama is still dead. Hahaha.

Okay. I absolutely am not in the mood for blogging. I’ll come back soon.

Ps. Will I see you again?


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