Be the change.

Um. Hi guys. So.. yes, I’m back again. And I don’t know why. Or at lease, at first. But when I was cooking my stupid instant noodles just now, I thought a little about what I learnt in class since the start of this year. So, yeah, I’ll be touching on that. In a while, after I’m done w/ my noodles.. So um. Yeah, I’m done cooking my noodles. Yeah. Just a random answer. If you’re wondering what flavour I actually cooked. I cooked tomyum. Like, my favourite flavour ever? Well, if you’re in my school, you’ll probably have caught me buying a bowl of tomyum noodles for lunch. For a couple times. But okay, this is getting off topic. So…

I don’t know whether you guys remembered that about a week before, or so, I posted a blog about how the domestic workers/migrant workers were treated? Do you guys actually remember that? I think it’s still on the main page. Okay, so here and um, yeah. Just click on the ‘here’, and it’ll appear on your page. I guess. So, yeah, you would probably remember that. Because I got kinda judgemental there. I think. Right. So I wrote about domestic workers, all over the world, are treated badly by their employers. Well, just to give you an insight. I use to have domestic helper at home too.

Used to. The reason why my parents decided to send her home was a whole different thing all together. So, I do have a long ‘history’ with domestic helpers. When I was like, a new born baby? I was mainly taken care by my domestic helper. Yes, I was taken care by my domestic helper. My mom and dad had to work. So they hired a domestic helper. Okay. No biggy. So, yeah, I spend my time with her. Dang, if I didn’t remember wrongly, she actually cooked good dishes/food. At lease I wouldn’t have to suffer eating instant noodles…. -sarcarsm- But anyway. Up until recent years, I’ve been taken care under a domestic helper/worker. Yeah, you get my point. These are just things that goes waaaaaaaaaaaay back into my childhood. That I myself don’t even remember.

However so! Things gets worse as we changed domestic workers. Right, so, in the majority of my life, I’ve been under a domestic helper. Okay. And, um, the first one worked for us for about.. six years? And um, was replaced by another one that worked for five years… And um, yeah, then we replaced this one that just left with a new one. Which, I’ll probably not talk about why we um, sent her back after a year. Thinking about it still makes me wonder why she did that. But maybe, if I’m ever in the mood, I might blog about that. If I even would remember though. Hahaha.

I don’t know whether you know about this. But when my teacher spoke to us that we’re going to be doing stuff about migrant workers this entire year, I was resistant to it. I was resistant to that thought. Why? Because I thought, because I assumed that all employers were good people. I assumed that employers were humane enough to treat these migrant workers well. I mean, I’ve mentioned, I’ve lived through majority of my life under a domestic helper. And, throughout these years, I’ve seen how my parents treat her. And I swear, we’re not abusive people. And um, we’re definitely not people who treat them unwell. In fact, we treat them real well. I guess.

So, as much as I was resistant towards that topic, I still had to do it. And um, really, it gave me an insight towards what is really happening to the world. Because I’m not the sort of person who watches the news, or reads the newspaper. So it’s probably the only way to know things. Come to think of it. I could probably read news on the internet. But oh. Getting off topic again. So, yes. After school started talking about all these things that were happening, I wondered, are these employers human? I mean, they’re humans too. They’ve got their basic rights. Even babies have basic rights okay. They’re not beasts. They are humans. Humans. Like all of us are.

Okay, so um, yeah, this ended up becoming a real long post. And um, thanks for reading one of my driest post. (Though I thought it had much more content than the random ‘just-posting’ posts.

Ps. There’s so much that we can do.


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