I really wonder why I even bother.

Yesyesyes, I know, sorray, I hadn’t blogged for.. three days? Or two. Yeah, so I hadn’t blogged for two days. And seriously, don’t blame me! I didn’t freaking know what to blog about, and um, I don’t think it’d be that good if I actually blogged something that was pathetic. And short. And I even doubt if anyone was even reading to my blog. And… Oh, you get my point. So, today, I made a point to blog something. Since after school today, my friend was like, “I haven’t blogged for like, two days!” And I’m like, okay.. so… I didn’t blog for two days too… And I don’t think it bugged me. Hahaha, but in any case. If you’ve happily clicked ‘play’ on the video above. I’m glad. If you hadn’t, CLICK IT NOW. Like, RIGHT NOW!

So, all the tests are coming. And I swear, it’s like the worse few weeks of my life. Yeah, partly because I’m not scoring in these stupid tests. But majority because of my slackness towards studying. Or doing homework. For that matter. Seriously, I tried doing my homework yesterday. Which was a SUNDAY. And you know what? I ended up almost falling asleep. And in the end, guess what I did? I ENDED UP BACK AT THE COMPUTER. It’s like, so fucking fail! And I ended up watching Kevjumba videos. Like, when I’m supposed to be doing homework. Wow huh.

Well, that was what happened yesterday. And then today, yes, it’s four something (in the day.) and I’m still on the computer, and not doing my revision when tomorrow’s my Geography test. Seriously, I really dislike this period of time. Because today, I’ve just completed two tests. And tomorrow’s there’s another two. How ungodly is that! Today I don’t think things would get any better. With the state that I’m in. Since I’m already slacking in my bed, with the computer on, and my book’s not even out of my bag. Ohgod.

In any case! I woke up freaking early this morning. Just to get back to school and have extra practise for choir. And sadly though, I don’t think it was that productive. But in any case, hey people participating in the upcoming competition – SYF, especially for people in my school. DO US PROUD. ;D And to all the others out there. GOOD LUCK! Hahaha! But anyway, we’re gonna need lots of monstorous torturing to get a gold. Oh, and I think my hair dryer’s spoiling. Because these days, there’s the whole, burnt smell emmiting from it. EEK.

Quick update/edit! Okay, so following up with my previous paragraphs. Now, yes, I’m going to be hardworking and study for my stupid test. :/

Ps. I see the love disappearing from your eyes.


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