How long are you gonna be afraid?

So, I didn’t blog yesterday, because I didn’t even turn on my computer. I didn’t blog on Tuesday, because I was too lazy to spend time to blog. Plus, it was getting late. Anyway, the reason why I posted this video, is because today, at school, some kid in my class asked my classmate to read “Alpha Kenny Body”. I mean, he wrote it down on a piece of cardboard, and asked my friend to read it. I was just scanning through the class, y’know, just to see what other people were doing. And I ended up watching them. So, my friend read it out and the girl sitting next to me was like, “Oh my god, you’re so sick!” So, that was like, a short episode of how I knew about that. Only today. HAHAH. How slow could I get huh!

Right, anyway, school was fucking boring today. But anyway, yes, I survived through the day. Hahaha, I just remembered something. Hahaha. My friend was saying “Yes! I survived art!” And I’m like, “Yeah man, we did too!” And we totally had a high five. Lol. I just realised something man. I’ve been doing highfive with people these days. Like, putting up my hand in the air in front of somebody, and they’ll just automatically go “what?” I mean, ain’t that an universal signal towards high fiving? There’s other signals? Oh… wow.. I didn’t know that…

Whatever. That was sarcastic. HAHAH. So, when I turned on the computer just now, and opened up MSN. Which is um, windows live messenger now? I was completely in shock okay. I mean, wtf, msn just changed to the newest one. BECAUSE I didn’t switch my msn to the new one. Not yet. And I wasn’t expecting it to suddenly change like that. I mean, it’s fucking annoying okay. Especially the new msn. Because it seriously just sucks to the core?

So, I’ve just turned on my usual laptop, and, I found that my msn wasn’t changed yet. I don’t know whether it had something to do with me hibernating and not shutting down the computer the last time I used the computer, or mom did something with her laptop. Because she probably would’ve changed it without her knowing too. But in any case, if I shut down my computer, and turn it back on with my msn changed, I’ll flip. Again. Because it honestly sucks. And I don’t understand why you, MSN. Have to change. Yes, I used to switch to the newest whenever it’s available. But seriously? Now? I don’t think so.

Anyway, um, yeah, that was all the shock I can handle for a day. I guess. But seriously, school was BORING. Today. Especially during english, math, mother tongue, d&t. OH. Basically all of my classes for the day. I mean. Is it that difficult to ask for a day where there isn’t mother tongue and math? Like, that’d be my favourite day. For at lease the semester. I swear, having math in any of the days are just pure torture. And I’m freaking not joking at all. Honestly, I don’t even understand why math’s important. And why is algebra even important. But anyway, yes, everyone’s learning it. And I just failed my last math test, and there’s another one coming up, and I’m not studying for that one. I’m not even doing my homework that dued tomorrow. Goddang I’m deadmeat. Oh, I’ll probably just rush it through real quick later. Before dinner or something.

So, everything was sooooooooo boring today. Even after I got home though I started indulging myself with KevJumba videos immediately after I got out of the shower. Hehehe. Ohwell, that’s probably not the point. Okay, I thought of a lot of things which I could blog about just now, while in the shower. And once I got out, all of them are probably washed down the drain. HAHAHA. Wtf right. Omg. 😦

Oh. Right. I just remembered something. So, I remembered blogging in one of the posts that Michael Buble is coming for a concert! And that um, I only heard of it probably about a week ago? And I was talking about how I was saving money to buy tickets for his concert? Well, today, I checked the website again, and I could pretty much feel my heart breaking. Which basically mean that the tickets are already sold out. LIKE, OMG. Sigh! And apparently, it had already started been selling tickets since November 2010. Sigh!

Anyway, I still have a bunch of algebra to be done. Seriously, I really don’t really feel like doing them. Because they’re just crappy papers with crappy questions. BUT SERIOUSLY. I’ll probably just do a few questions. And copy the rest from my classmates or something. Teehee, something that I do all the time. 😛 Oh, anyway, yeah, this should be it. For the day.

Ps. Maybe you should think about what you’re doing.


8 thoughts on “How long are you gonna be afraid?

  1. HAHAA. Basically luh. But yeah. The actual meaning of alpha kenny body is I’ll fuck anybody. But seriously, I think I rather die than to say that. 😛 Matthew asked Sandy to say that. Then Zoe’s like, ‘SANDY, you’re so sick!’ HAHAA.

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