Life has ups and downs.

Right, so I’m actually wondering if you guys actually liked the videos that I posted. You know what, hey, if you’ve actually read my posts, and um, I’d really appreciate it if you actually comment on them? So that I’ll know how to improve my posts? And possibly change the videos so that it’s to your liking? Though I think that’s utmost impossible, because, I post videos that I like. And find meaningful. So, that’s like, um, yeah. What I’ve got to say before I start trying to remember the video that I thought that I should post today. But I couldn’t remember what was that video that I wanted to post. But anyway, yeah, if you’re wondering if I’m posting going to post a video, yes, I am. Just after I’ve remembered the video I wanted to post. But anyway, I was watching a couple of WongFu Productions videos, and I find some of them real smooth and sweet. So I might end up posting their videos. 🙂 Just like how I’ll post KevJumba’s videos, cause I think they’re absolutely funny and addicting, actually. I can actually sit on my living room for the entire day watching KevJumba’s videos. Lol.

Right, so I’ve just finished watching both of the videos. Cause this is part one. Yes, I’ll be posting part two’s link up. Maybe later though. But anyway, yeah. So the thing was, I came home at three, and guess what? I’ve been sitting on my sofa for three hours and I’m still sitting here, watching youtube videos. While I just turned on my television. Just for the background music. Hahaha. I don’t even bother turning on the lights. 😛 Though I think it’s real unhealthy to be doing anything in this brightness. But in any case, I’ve got like, lots of homework and I haven’t even started doing any. Sigh. I don’t know how I’m going to complete them by the weekend. Boo! :O

So, um, yeah, right now, I’m on my bed, after going for a pretty quick shower. And uh, enjoying my airconditioner. Hahaha. I didn’t mention about this, but the other day, my mom came into my room noisily to take something, and uh, I think I just so happen to be awake at that time. And feeling, um, not cold. But I asked my mom to open my wardrobe and take my jacket out. And then she’s like, ‘if you’re cold, turn off the aircon!’ And I’m like, OH, forget it! Because I probably wouldn’t even be able to sleep w/o it. Though it might actually be possible tonight, since it just rained.

Anyway, I think my mom’s gonna flip when she opens my door and realises that I’m not studying. But hey, I didn’t even touch my school bag after I placed it down. Hahaha! How cool is that? Like I mentioned earlier ^, I’ve been sitting on my sofa since three after I’ve finished bathing. And uh, yeah, I hadn’t even turned it off. So, it’s like, many hours? I’m actually hoping that my mom doesn’t pull the laptop back. So I can continue using it. 😛 Hahaha. But I actually hopes she does, then maybe I’ll get into the mood to doing homework. I’ve still got Geography unrevised. 😦 Though I seriously doubt I’ll ever be in the mood for homework. Maybe tomorrow morning or something. Ohwell.

But anyways. At lease my stupid math teacher postponed the math test, or I’ll probably die of nervousness. Anyway, recently I’ve actually been getting inspirations. I think it’s from all the youtube videos. But yeah, I’ve been getting inspiration and I’m actually thinking/planning to see if I’ve got any time to do a short story. Don’t know whether I can finish it. Cause I’m always uh, interrupted when writing a story, and uh, I can only do it when I’m at home, with the computer. Which isn’t something that I’ve been doing a lot. Especially now that school has started..

Anyways, so I was wondering if I should uh, use my hairband to push up all my fringe, or do it later when I actually start doing my homework. But my fringe is like, so annoying now, and I’m actually pushing my fringe behind my ear, so… uh, I still don’t know what to do with it. THING IS. Once I do that, my fringe’s gonna go all weird again. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Still considering. So maybe I’ll probably just clip my fringe up or something. OHWELL. Who cares! I bet you don’t. But anyway! HAHAA.

I think I’m going hysterical. Um, partly because I’ve got no idea why I’m even going hysterical. And, uh, partly also because I just keep ranting and ranting, and I think my last post was like, the longest post I’ve ever blogged. Or at lease, for a while now. BUT AS YOU CAN SEE. My blog posts are seriously not organised. And uh, they’re just random thoughts that I have while blogging. When I think it’s uh, decent enough to get posted, it’ll just be on my blog. So, yeah, my blog is actually kinda… random and stuff.

So, today, at school, I was copying homework. AS USUAL. That was until that stupid English Drama teachers came in and did a bunch of stupid things with us for an hour, and finally left. Then it was History. Seriously, I don’t know what to expect from history lessons these days? Because y’know what? Half the time I don’t even understand what he’s talking about. And I was surprised to pass my Hist test. Like, PHEW. I passed all my tests! Cool! Like, whatev though. :/

I think I will end here for now. This post was written throughout the day. So, uh, yeah, sorry for the contents being no link from the ones above. But anyway, yeah. And, uh, I sure do hope that I’ve got enough time to do a short story throughout this weekend. And I’ll probably link it here after. 🙂

Part 2 is here.

Ps. You lonely freak.


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