There’s a possibility to anything.

I don’t know if you’re wondering how I actually got to know KevJumba? Well, I’m REAL freaking damn slow, because I don’t uh, surf youtube videos like, all the time like my friend Fiona does. But anyway, uh, I just recently got to know about KevJumba and his funny videos. So, uh, how I actually finally got to know this channel? LOL, by youtubing on Rocketeer by. Far*East Movement. How? Well, you’ll see.

Okay, you’re probably wondering, why I’m back here, blogging. BECAUSE SERIOUSLY? I’ve got nothing else to do. Other than homework. And I’m certainly not doing that, so, uh, yes, I’m on last resort, which is blogging. Anyway… Uh, yeah. But that I’ve blogged to much just now that I can’t think about anything to blog right now.

Right. I actually started this post last night, before I went to bed, but I got too tired before I can even complete it. So, yes, now it’s nine thirty and I’m already awake, trying to tie the loose ends of my D&T design journal done. Or at lease, the things that needs to be done. But, um, anyway, I don’t actually think I’ll end up doing anything. Thing is, if I don’t do anything, I’LL BE DEADMEAT. Zzzzzzzz. Because the portion that I didn’t really complete was the research part, and my teacher’s been emphasizing that the research part is the part where most of the marks go to. Sigh, okay.

Anyway, um, so, I’m up real early today, though I have no idea why I’m even up so early. But in any case, uh, yes, I’m awake, and still feeling absolutely tired. I think I was dreaming last night… I don’t know. I can’t remember my dreams. But I sure do know how I feel when I know that I’ve dreamt while I was sleeping. Because for me, it’s not really a good feeling. Don’t know why. But anyway, uh, yeah, my mom is in the kitchen, doing who knows what. But my stomach’s growling, and I don’t think there’s anything I can eat…

Right, uh, if you’ve realised, I changed my blogtheme. 🙂 Right, cause I was getting sick of the old one. And uh, yeah, this ain’t like blogger, where I can change my own blogskin by editing and stuff. So, uh, yeah, I’m trying to find ones that I prefer, and use them. And uh, I’m really bored now. Because I can’t go back to sleep, I can’t do other stuff other than staring into blank space. Forget it, I’ll just read my Maximum Ride book. This book is like, the book I took the longest to read since the last time I went to the library to borrow that four books. You know why? Because I’m so preoccupied by all the junks of homework!

Today is uh, someone in my family’s birthday. And uh, guess what? My mom didn’t buy any present for him. And I didn’t know what to get him, so I ended up telling my mom ‘hey, why don’t I pay for the birthday cake?’ and she’s like, ‘it’s over twenty dollars. Are you sure you can afford it?’ And I’m like, nooooo, it’s not worth it. 😛 I’m such a bad child!

But anyway, I’m real excited to buy my book! Which uh, finally, I found a bookstore that has it. And I swear, it’s probably gonna be amazing. 😛 Anyway, uh, I have no idea what to blog about now. Hehehehe. Right, I’ll end here for now.

Ps. No one else can make me sadder.


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