Fairy, slowly but surely, you’re walking your way. Hang in there!

LATEST UPDATE. Okay, my updates are usually @ the bottom. But anyways. Uh, don’t think it matters. But here’s my short story! Please do read and comment! 🙂

Right, so I tried doing my homework just now. Right before I came back to blogging. And it totally failed. What happened was… After showeirng and blowing my hair, I saw my homework and I’m like, OKAY. I’M GOING TO DO YOU, stupid homeworks. Still determined, I wore my specticles and completed my English corrections. And then I started getting really bored and frustrated… Not to mention sleepy. So, I managed finishing my corrections, and uh, packing up my file. Actually, it wasn’t exactly packing up. Because all I did was to rearrange it. But anyway, yeah, now it’s filled with dividers. Like, weird…. But anyway, soon, I’ll need a new file. I suppose. I’ll probably buy one from either daiso or.. uh, maybe buy from my friend’s mom’s shop.

So, uh, yeah, after that whole reorganising my file, I’m back at the computer, doing nothing in particular. Other than, uh, this. Which is blogging… So yeah, and probably youtubing later. Again. Serious sigh okay. There’s so many things I need to revise. Like Geography and Science. And yet I’m practically lying on my bed, trying to think of what other homework I need to complete by this weekend. But seriously, I can’t think of any. And the other thing that’s basically disturbing me is my D&T file. Because I’ve got one last part where I haven’t uh, write in the function of the aesthetics of the final product. So, uh, yeah. But right now, I don’t even know what’s going on with my brain. It has this “I HAVE HOMEWORK TO DO” gear running, and uh, I can’t really put it to stop. Why? Because I do have homework undone. Hehehe. I’m such a slacker, yes, I know that.

Anyways, I finished my Maximum Ride book while waiting for my parents to get out of their room and get out of the house. And uh, I was so bored to death that I almost fell asleep while waiting for them. 😛 Uh, that’s cause I’ve already turned off the computer? But in any case, yeah, that was what happened. And then uh, left home, and I finally bought the book that I’ve been looking for all day yesterday. Which I probably blogged about how all the other bookstores doesn’t have it. I think.. Did I? Ohwell, if I didn’t. Then nevermind. But anyway, yes, I finally own a copy of Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Serious amazing depressing book. 😛 In any case! The whole trip to that bookstore right in town is like, freaking cool. Because seriously? It’s like, the first bookstore I stepped into that had such books smell. Okay, I sorta translated that from my mom’s speech. But yeah, you probably would get my point. Right now, I think my mom’s getting ready for dinner. Apparently, we’re eating steamboat tonight.. Wow huh. Not really. Cause I seriously just dislike eating steamboat. Don’t understand why my parents like eating it.

But anyway, after dinner just now, I actually um, just received my inspiration! Hahaha. Earlier today, I was complaining to Derek about how I can’t find my inspiration. And hahaha, guess what? It came to me just now, uh, after I finished dinner. Hahaha, so I sorta have something in mind for the short story I was talking about, um, probably two posts back? 🙂 Yeah. So, um, I’ll probably be busying with my short story. So, uh, just hope that I can do it fast, and you can see it fast. 😀 Hahaha.

So earlier today, I went to buy my dad’s birthday cake together with my mom. And we originally wanted to buy the tiramisu cake? And when we got there, the woman told us that to buy the tiramisu cake, you have to order two days beforehand. Which my mom didn’t. And she sorta made me choose between whether to buy the lychee cake, or the cranberries cake. Well, personally, I like lychees more, so I chose the lychee cake but seriously, the cake was for my dad. And not for us, so I was thinking that he probably likes lychee more than cranberries. So in the end, we bought the lychee cake.

Well, it was pretty cool, cause uh, it tasted pretty good with the lychee taste and all. 😀 Coolstuff. Right. Seriously, now, I don’t even know what I can blog about. My mind’s pretty much racking for ideas from my inspiration. Hehehe. But seriously. I’m stuck. ALREADY. Oh, how I really do suck at finding inspiration.

ANYWAY. Okay, seriously, my mom is getting much naggier than usual. She just keeps nagging about how I’m not packing up my wardrobe. But seriously? I don’t even know where to start with it. LOL. Hehee, yeah, my wardrobe is just… dang messy. But anyway, uh, I’m slacking, like, not writing my short story, but instead, I’m watching Wong Fu Productions’ shorts. 😛 Like, as much as I shouldn’t be doing that. I’m. Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Plus, in any case, I’m still looking for that inspiration that I seriously need for my short story? So I doubt it’ll be any bad if I keep watching these youtube videos. Though I think uh, my homework’s another thing that needs worrying.

Um. To whoever’s reading this. That’s having suicidal thoughts. I’ve been there before. Uh, maybe not to the state that I’d actually take a bottle of pills and drown them down, but yeah, I’ve had suicidal thoughts. About how I should just die and leave everything as it is; leave world as it is; escaping forever. But um, y’know what? Escaping isn’t going to solve any of your problems. And if you think that life has got you down, there’s always someone there for you. It’s just whether you know it or not. Do seek help if you’re having suicidal thoughts. Do seek help if you feel that you’re going to give up on life. You can leave a comment on this post if you have no one else to speak to.

But in any case, please understand and remember that, life isn’t fair, and things doesn’t always go your way. The only way out of this is just to adapt to whatever shit it’s given to you. Always keep in mind that it takes courage to die. But it takes even more courage to continue living. And that life goes on, no matter what happens. Have that faith and courage in you, and continue living.

I JUST REALISED. I wanted to post a video earlier today. And I was thinking that I’ll just youtube for videos later, then post it. AND UP UNTIL NOW? HAHAA, THERE’S NOTHING! LOL! I seriously apologise. But I think the words are uh, interesting enough. 🙂

Ps. Don’t say goodbye.


2 thoughts on “Fairy, slowly but surely, you’re walking your way. Hang in there!

  1. hey! seriously telling u tat I ❤ the story. i really like how u start it in the first paragraph 🙂 and then it was just so sad tat she still died in the end.:( she should'en have done it….. so sad…

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