Sometimes, things treat you better than people.

Right, um, I’m back. Yeah, from a day out. Which wasn’t really planned. But anyway, yeah. If you didn’t catch my short story from my last post, it’s right here and I would really appreciate it if you would read it, and give a comment to this post. And also, give a vote on whether or not I should write a sequel to this. 🙂 Would really appreciate it. Well, to express my appreciation, I would like to thank Joanne for commenting on my story. 🙂 Hahaha. It’s actually been a pretty long time since I’ve written a story. Y’know how I’m. I’m just too lazy to do anything within a certain timespan. So, uh, yeah, I finally completed one short one. Well, why I actually wasn’t writing for a long time was because I’ve been busy of my FF. Which I wouldn’t publish it anywhere. That one really does suck. Lacks of a lot of things. So, uh, yeah. 😛

Ohyeah, um, I’m gonna be changing the way I put the title of my posts. Uh, for those of you who read my blog since blogger, you’d know that every blog title that I put are lyrics from songs that I recently found, and liked, or all time favourite songs. But anyway, I’ll probably be changing that. Because sometimes, it makes no sense to whatever I’m gonna blog about in my post. So right now, I’m gonna change it to something more relevant to the content of the post. But in any case, uh, I’ll probably not be able to kick off the habit anyway. 😛 I’ve been sticking to this way of blogging for a long, long time. So, yeah…

So right now, my friend here, Cheryl, is totally high on this character of an anime, called Shugo Chara! Don’t know if any of you actually watches anime. But yeah, this anime is a total kiddy show, and yet I watched it. (Two years back.) And uh, she’s totally being a fangirl towards it. And seriously, I think that fangirls are scary… and very absolutely protective… And scary…. Oh! You get my point.

In any case, I just remembered something just now, while I was showering. I remembered, on Valentine’s day morning, I tweeted about how I’m thankful for my boyfriend always being there for me. And I ended up writing “Thank you, bed. For always being there for me.” Yes, that was my tweet on Valentine’s Day. And if I didn’t remember wrongly, later that day, I think I told my friend about it, and uh, she was like, “I’m gonna have a date with my computer.” Then I thought, “Yeah, might as well make believe that these things are your boyfriend or something. At least they treat you better.” Hahaha. But it’s totally true okay. At least, for my circle of friends. Hehehe. 😛 So, please do not take out anger on your bed, for he/she’s the one who’s always with you when you’re sad.

Well, this same friend was always saying about how her computer was her boyfriend. And I’m like, yeah, and my boyfriend would never betray me. For he’s my bed. 😛 LOL. Yeah, it sounds kinda corny if I were to write “I sleep every night with my boyfriend.” That’s if you don’t know who’s my boyfriend. 😛 So, now you know!

So, uh, yeah, I just came out of shower, and I’m doing something different tonight. Because I’m not going to blow my hair with the dryer, for once! And it just feels real weird, cause my hair hasn’t been wet for more than five minutes for a period of time. Hahhaa. Uh, yeah, that’s for my hair.

And the saddest thing is. TOMORROW IS MONDAY. AND THERE’S SCHOOL! Ohmygoodness. I just hate school so much! But I’ve got no choice right now, but to pack my school bag, or I’ll probably die of panic attack tomorrow morning. And it’s bad, cause I’ve got to leave home earlier just because of my extra choir practice. 😦 Sigh, I probably shouldn’t complain, since the competition is coming up. But in any case, I should stop. Since I still wanna give myself a little more treat on watching youtubevids. 🙂

Ps. Do appreciate what you’ve got.


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