Does your life kick in after school too?

Ohyeah, so if you hadn’t catch my short story yet, uh, it’s right here. Please to uh, read and comment. Really would appreciate it!

Right, I was just checking my recent posts, and I just realised that I hadn’t been posting videos in my… last two posts. Well, it’s not because I didn’t want to post. But seriously, you know why? Because I wanted to blog first, before I find a suitable video. So… uh, yeah. Hehehehe. Anyway, uh… school was so boring today at school. Super boring, actually. I swear, schools gets worse and worse everyday. Luckily, on Thursday, there’s gonna be this stupid games day. And I’m so going, y’know why? To get darker. 😛 HAHAHA. But on the downside, it’s utterly pathetic. Why? Because my school’s games day is just freaking boring. And uh, this year, I don’t know what’s going to happen. And, sadly, Sandy ain’t gonna be at the spectators seatings. So I’ll have to end up being ‘alone’ again.

So… Yeah, I was youtubing just now, and I swear, this is like the only piano piece that I hear, and I so freaking damn want to learn it. Why? Because it’s a freaking beautiful piece. But the down side to things is, I can’t find the music sheets anywhere. Worst part is actually that I can’t find the music sheet, and uh, I can’t play by ear. So… it’s kinda like having your dreams of learning this, shattered into pieces. My dream is so ruined. But in any case, I’ll try to uh, download it. 😛 Because it’s just too beautiful to let it go. I might even try to play it by ear. (wish me luck on that.) But I swear, you’ll not regret watching this video. SO, if you hadn’t click on that video already, PLEASE DO. LIKE, RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT.

Uh… So, yeah. I’m not gonna elaborate on my boring day in school. Because it sorta just… is too long to.. elaborate. Or in actual, there’s nothing to elaborate. But in actual fact? My friends were completely like mad crazy people, constantly laughing and laughing. Kinda makes me wanna slap them. 😛 Lol. Though seriously, I was damn annoyed by their loudness. Probably it’s because I didn’t have a good day or something. But I wasn’t looking for a good laugh today, so probably that’s the reason I uh, kinda became their partypooper. Sorry guys. But anyhow, you guys probably had lots of fun either way.

Anyway, I’ve been wishing to say. My real life kicks in after school ends. LOL. Why? Because it’s how I spend everyday but I’m not gonna tell you how I spend my days. Uh, and why I like staying at home so much. (Seriously? I don’t even know why. :P) I just like staying at home… for some reasons… But in any case, uh… I still think it’s better than being out of home 24/7. Costs a lot of money too. Because whenever you’re out, you just tend to spend money.

I did something uh, really foolish and careless just now. But I’ll probably not be able to tell it out… with everyone understanding. ‘Cause it’s kinda hard to explain. But in any case, yeah, I screwed up, while heating up more leftovers. Lol. In any case, I ate cooked food. And uh, I’m not gonna have diahhroea. What’s really cool is that it’s pretty windy, so I’m feeling better than usual. 😛 Hahaha. The weather affects my mood too! Lol. That was such a joke.

Oh, I just remembered. My science teacher, wasted one period with us, just because she forgot the timing of her lesson of the day. And you know what’s worst? She came into class and told us that she’ll make us stay back on one of the days to uh, make it up. I mean, it’s seriously not our fault that she missed a period? Seriously? Wtfuck. But anyway, I should stop complaining… and cussing…

Anyway, uh, seriously, I don’t have any mind to uh, put into blogging right now. I don’t know why. I just have no idea what to talk about. A couple of days ago I was writing about how I lived with a domestic helper at home… And then, uh, all the random stuff came in, and then I touched a little on life.. and blahblahblah. Actually, I’ve got tonnes of things to write about life.. But seriously. I’m just too mysterious to say anything about it. All I have to say is. No matter how hard life gives it to you, stay strong and life on. (WOW. No, I’m not writing a poem. But it just happened to rhyme…)

Ps. So live your life… (ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee). If you don’t recognise, it’s the song by Rihanna and Timbaland. If I didn’t remember wrongly..


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