It takes courage to die, but it takes even more courage to live.

I don’t know whether you remembered yesterday’s video but if you’ve watched it, you’ll probably find that the music is just simply mesmerizing. Well, pretty true for me, cause I couldn’t stop replaying the video. I’m kinda, raping it. 😛

But in any case, uh, yeah, I’m back, from another boring yet epic day of school. Actually, I was home many hours ago. Just that I was too busy writing my notes that I forgot to blog. You might start to wonder, how is it possible that I forget to blog? I forget the time. And uh, if I didn’t check the time, I’d probably still be doing my notes, and wouldn’t realise that I didn’t have time to blog anymore. But anyway, that is out of the case, since I’m here right now.

A lot of things happened today. I’m seriously talking about a lot. What happened? Uh, I’ll just list them out. Since there’s just so many things. First was that uh, our Geography teacher gave us back our test papers. And guess what. Hehehe, I’m not gonna tell. 😛 But for those in my class, or my school’s choir, you’ll probably know. Ask me if you wanna know more. Teehee.

That was Geography. So after Geog was phys ed. That was like, the worst class of the day? Hmm, maybe not though.. But anyway, yeah, it was one of the stupidest. Our teacher just had to make us run, and it’s just so annoying. He doesn’t even allow us to walk. Like, wtf, it’s not my fault I can’t run right. So, yeah, that’s one.

After was just some discussions about some things that we’re gonna be doing on one of the days in April. That’s one. Then um, here comes the main point. Yeah, I totally remember about how I’m trying to kick off the habit of complaining? But hey, uh, I’m sorry, but here are just some rants.

So, we had this external teacher who came in and teach us about how to use a particular ONLINE programme. And seriously? What really sucked was that this man, wouldn’t stop his sarcasm and racism to us. He’s an indian. And he wouldn’t stop his racist comments on us. Keep on saying that we’re Chinese. But hey, is there any other students in the classroom that you saw that wasn’t Chinese? Just what kind of fucking attitude is that? If it wasn’t for a teacher that uh, was ‘taking care’ of the class, I would’ve flared already.

The friend sitting beside me was just constantly saying “arsehole”. And I’m the ‘more talkative’ one when it comes to scolding people, but I’m totally like mumbling about how he’s so much more of an idiot as compared to us. And then this teacher, the same one that I was talking about ^ appeared into the picture. Somehow, she was ‘comforting’ me? Or whatever. But still. It’s just pure rudeness from that man. I don’t care whether you’re an internal teacher or an external teacher. What you did was purely wrong.

But anyway, that’s so over, so I don’t bother continuing my long rant about that man. But in any case, you suck ttuc. Right, I can’t continue any longer.

Ps. Life just gets harder everytime.


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