People do change. Quit taking them for who they were.

There are so many things that happened today. Sometimes, I seriously wonder why I still bother living. Sometimes I wonder why I’m working so hard towards everything. And at the worst times, I start to wonder who I am. But anyway… there’s just so many things that are going on right now. There’s even this thing called Math Week. You know why? I just hate that so much. My stupid teacher is so annoying okay. I mean, wtfuck, nobody likes stupid math!

Anyway! Tomorrow’s games day! Right, I don’t know why I’m so happy.. Probably because I don’t have to study tomorrow. šŸ˜› Hahah, I’m such a slacker! But anyway, I just finished my homework. Muahaha. I wanted to continue on w/ my Geography notes? But I’m just feeling too sleepy, so I’ve decided not to. Or even if I do, I won’t remember a single thing, so might as well not.

So, it’s games day tomorrow, and I haven’t uh, packed up my stuff that I need for tomorrow. I hope it rains. šŸ˜› Hahaha. I’m cursing it to rain so that tomorrow’s races can’t do it’s thing. LOL. And so that it wouldn’t be so hot! Hahaha. That’s so impossible, considering the climate here. But in any case, I’m hoping that everything would go alright tomorrow. And that uh, yeah… I can have more fun this year as compared to last year.

In any case, I’ll link back to the title of this post. Does it make you wonder if people really do change? Because it makes me wonder all the time. I used to dislike this girl because my gut feeling says so. And so, I didn’t talk to her much in the next couple of years. Suddenly, two years back, BAM, we started talking again. At first, I thought she’d changed. But hey, no, that’s totally not true. Because I found out that my gut feeling was right. She isn’t worth the friendliness.

These kind of things happen to me all the time. Some of which to my own classmates, some of which comes from looking at my choirmates, and etc. Honestly speaking, I don’t want to say names. But sometimes, observing their actions just makes me wanna give them two tight slaps across the face and get them to wake up. But seriously, that’s probably who they are inside anyway. So, I probably can’t do anything about that.

But in any case, I dislike this kind of people because it makes me feel like I’m stereotyping them into one category, and yet, it’s hard not to with all the actions that they’re doing. So, it kinda makes it hard for me.

Ps. When you feel like walking out of these four walls, where would you go?


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