When you get frustrated, just take a break, and breathe.

Sometimes, I start to wonder about the negative thoughts that everyone has, right at the back of our minds. It starts to get difficult to not to contradict between my words because I’ve been having such mixed thoughts. I’m seriously talking about mixed thoughts. At times, I have sad thoughts, during other times, I have a little more positive thoughts. And I know, posting negative thoughts through the net is just making people judge me. I totally know you people does that! Hahaha. But it’s kinda hard to refrain myself from blogging nasty stuff about people. 😛 Ohwell, what I’m really trying to say now is… I kinda forgot… HEHEHE. In any case, I didn’t blog yesterday because I was feeling far too… sad. Not exactly sad… just… frustrated.

So yesterday, it was Games Day. And uh, yeah, my house totally owned the crowd by winning all ‘categories’. Not exactly. But we’re the champion house, we won the most vibrant house, we won the best trump card design, and there’s one last one that I kinda forgot what we won. But in any case, we kinda won everything. 😛 Lol. In any case, uh, yeah, the only reason why we won was because we’re the only house that was cheering & stuff. All the other houses are like, ‘you can cheer for all you want, I’m just gonna sit back and relax.’

Surprisingly, I didn’t get any darker after yesterday! LOL. Probably because I wasn’t really in the sun yesterday. My friends and I kinda got bored after a couple of runs. Lol. We just can’t sit still. And, it started to get warmer, so yeah, we kinda left the spectators area and went all over the stadium. Hahaha. I swear, it was reaaaaaaaaaaaally boring. So many things happened, and it’s just really impossible to list them all out. (I’ll probably die if you wanted me to list them all out.) But I kinda hung out with the people from choir when it was about.. one hour before the Games Day ended, so, uh, yeah, it wasn’t as boring.

After games day was probably the real fun part of the day. Went for lunch with Denise and Evon. Honestly, lunch itself was freaking boring, it was after that was fun. Why? Um, because we were laughing and laughing and laughing. Something that I kinda feel like I haven’t done for a long, long time. But in fact, I’ve actually been laughing everyday.. Hm… Weird… But anyway, yeah. We actually got our fun from teasing Joanne behind her back. 😛 LOL. Joanne’s gonna kill me when she sees this. Or she’ll probably hug Evon for that on Monday. (Evon hates it when Joanne hugs her. 😛 Because Joanne’s like a freaking pervy les.)

I don’t think anybody can deny that. Hahhaa. Even Joyce says so. But anyway! Surprisingly, while we were at lunch, Joyce and Ivy, out of nowhere, appeared, and sorta came and disturbed us. Luckily we’ve already finished our food, or we’ll probably just puke out whatever we’ve eaten. Hahaha.

Right, I’ve just finished my Geography notes… And I’m hesitating whether or not to do my History notes… um, cause I’m kinda worried that I’ll fall asleep. Hahaha. 😛 I’m such a sucker. HAHAHA. But I kinda forgot that I’ve got math to be done. Ew, I seriously dislike that teacher, because all she ever does is to give pointless homework. Right, I’m really random.

Anyway, back to what happened yesterday. I ended up staying out of home much longer than I expected. 😛 And yesterday, I was happily waiting for my bus, and guess what. BAM, there’s this stupid poster right there on the pillar, informing about the change of routes. And I was like, WHAT? Because the worst part is, the only part that it bypasses is the part that I get off. Which means that I’ll probably only have one kind of transport home from the nearest mall of my home. Seriously?! It’s so annoying just by knowing that. I’ll probably not wanna go there anymore.

Today, I kinda slacked after practice at the school hall with other friends. Evon was there, since her badminton has yet to start. And uh, yeah.. Um, we kinda slacked around, laughed, and uh, kinda trying to ignore a freshmen. It was so fucking annoying. No joke. But anyway, um, I think that’s all for today. I’ll probably blog later. I seriously mean by later. After I finish my history notes. And… dinner! 😛

Ps. Hang in there!


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