Going with the flow.

So, um, the week has finally ended, and it’s finally the weekends, though technically, the start of weekends is supposed to be yesterday. But in any case, yeah, it’s finally the weekends, and um, I’ve actually been looking forward to this weekend. Don’t know why, but this week has been a tough week. Had lots of things happening and stuff.. It was kinda like a marathon week, and yeah, I lived through it.

Next week would probably be the same, since there’s just so many things that are going to happen. Things that I’m definitely not looking forward to. It’s gonna be a Math week. And honestly, I never liked math, so I’m definitely not looking forward to it. Not a tiny bit at all, actually. But still, teachers want to force us to be taking part in these, but honestly? I’m not interested in any of these. I’m not even interested in going to school.

Luckily, next week would be the last week before we have our term break. Like, finally! Even though we’ve got a lot of choir practices coming up, but I think it’s at lease better than going to school for crappy subjects that don’t even help us increase our general knowledge. Or things that doesn’t matter at all. The other day, my dad was saying how schools are supposed to teach you how to learn, instead of spoonfeeding you with answers, and etc.

When I was in elementary school, my teachers used to talk big as if middle school or high school would be any harder. But hey, other than the harder subjects and homeworks, I don’t think it’s any difference to elementary. And honestly, um, in reference to what my dad said. My school’s not teaching us how to do independent learning. Not at all. Oh, and people reading this, do comment on whether or not your school teaches you how to learn independently. 🙂

Anyway.. enough of the school talk. Though that’s like, the only thing worth writing about, since I’ve got nothing else going on in my life… But still, all these talks about school is making me feel sick in the guts. I hate school. Completely. And yet I’ve got to go to school. Sometimes, I hope that school would be a better place with a better community. Well, blame it on me for not getting better scores and getting into a better school.

But in any case, here we are. And I’m probably learning more than those kids that went to a better school. At lease now I know more about life. People in those better schools are just living in fantasies. And well, all kids have to get out of there someday. It just takes a hardway out lesson.

Anyway, um, yeah, it’s one plus in the morning now, and my eyes are kinda like, closing.. and stuff. Kinda like falling asleep. But not exactly. I’m determined to stay awake. I hadn’t been staying awake for a long long time. Because of my fatigue, I guess. But in any case, tonight, I’m doin’ it. 😛

Ps. If only you’ve learnt your life the hard way.


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