Still going with the flow.

I know there’s just wordy posts these days, but please just bare with me? I’m kinda busy with watching Amazing Race that I don’t really have the time to find meaningful videos.. Seriously apologise for that? Hehehe.

Anyway, um, it’s the end of Sunday, ALREADY. And I’m seriously not taking the fact in well.. School is starting is less than twelve hours. And honestly, I don’t feel like going back into that jail-looking thing. This weekend is really not productive, cause I did a lot of video watching, instead of studying? But hey, there’s always a time for indulgence right! šŸ˜› I need to quit lying to myself.

So, um, yeah, I’ve watched videos all weekend, but hey! On the plus side, I finished all my homework! Teehee, like, finally. Though there’s quite a number of questions that I don’t know how to do.

So I kinda told my mom that I wanna take psychology when I’m heading to college, and the message passed onto my dad, and he’s like, which area of psychology are you talking about? LOL. Honestly, I’ve got no idea. I’d want to know, so that I’ll get my goals set, and get my army moving. But honestly, to know that, I’ll need time to do my own research and stuff. So I guess, this term break, I’ll have to juggle my time between homework, choir, research and leisure.

And it kinda sucks, cause there’s so many things that I’m planning to do this term break. Oh, and if I haven’t mention, it’s only ONE WEEK and already half is gone to choir. Ohmyholycrow.

Oh, anyway, I should stop complaining. I’ll make my best out of this week. Probably won’t be able to watch anymore videos. But in any case, that’s what the night’s for. šŸ˜› Hahhaa. So, I’m really used to staying up late at night to do my leisure stuff when I have my vacations from school. And I swear, I’ll be doing the same this term break. Though I think I might have to stay up late and do my revision. That’d be cool. But I always fail, cause I’ve got too much distractions, and I get all sleepy @ night. Especially when it comes to hmwk.

In any case, there’s one more week to term break! Finally!

Ps. Think through, before giving comments.


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