The Earth is dying.

Are you wondering what happened to my quiz? Well, I’ve decided to dump it. Because it’s too long for me to complete. And kinda useless, cause

Right, I realised that these days, my blogs been really short, and crappy. Well, you can’t blame me, because I’m kinda under a lot of stress from god knows what, and I can’t stop thinking about my homework, though I’m kinda stuck to the tele and the lapt. 😛

I saw this video while I was watching Nat Geo Music. Yes, I’ve been watching/listening to this channel these days. I kinda think it’s better than MTV. Somehow. Lol. Just, different sorts of music. So, yeah. Something different. 🙂 Plus, the songs aren’t that bad, so, yeah, it’s not that bad listening to this channel. Apparently Holland’s music is not bad too. 😀

So I was uh, tweeting and stuff just now, and I’m like, I saw something about people praying for Japan. So I kinda look more into those posts/tweets. And ohmygoodness, the most shocking news appears in my eyes. Japan was hit by an 8.3 magnitute earthquake and a tsunami together with it. This causes a pretty much worldwide tsunami warning. According to the news, the entire pacific basin is under the tsunami warning.

I’m sad for Japan and Taiwan. I’m worried for the States, Philliphines, Australia, New Zealand and lastly, Indonesia. Because as I’m typing now, it’s possible that Indonesia gets hit by tsunami. My heart right now, goes out to the world. I really hope that no more countries continue to get hit.

Right now, I’m just feeling fucking sad right now, because earlier this afternoon, I was feeling kinda hopeful. But I hear of these news, and my mood just goes right down the hill. So right now, I’m just feeling real damn sad. The tsunami that hit Japan was freaking scary alright. My heart almost died while watching that. I hope nothing happens to Philliphines.

Pray for the world!


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