It’s time.

I hadn’t been advertising about my latest short story. So, um, here it is. If you’ve read it, you might wanna read it again, because I’d need your comments, by the << side about how I can improve on it. This is because, I’m considering to write another part, which is based on Anna’s thoughts and views. I really need some comments on my story so that I can improve. So, the link is right here! And I’d really appreciate it if you’ll comment on my story.

Right, um, yesterday, I blogged pretty much about the Japan quake. I swear, it’s freaking scary. Especially now that the aftermath is here. Right now, I’m still feeling really upset about what happened, and I’m kinda worried about how long Japan can finally come back onto it’s track.

So, um, yesterday, I got back my report card and I seriously wasn’t happy with it. Why? Because I failed math. Like, wha? I failed math? Yes, I failed math. It’s just, real awkward, cause I hadn’t given my parents my report card. 😛 And I feel like a complete failure right now because most of my class probably passed their math test, but yet I failed mine. Sigh! Forget it, I’ll work the extra miles next term. I have to. But to those who hadn’t gotten good grades, just keep working hard. One day, those As would enter your report card! 🙂

And today has been a pretty eventful day, when I come to think of it. I woke up, just as early as during school days. Why? Because of this exchange programme we had to go. Honestly, it was pretty awkward, and we totally screwed up our performance. But no matter what, we’ve got a long way to go before we’re able to get a gold award for SYF – which is the upcoming competition that every schools would be entering if they’ve got any performing arts’ clubs/CCA.

That was in the morning, I rushed home after, and went out for the ‘second’ part. Which was projectdoing. It kinda sucks, cause it’s pretty much a waste of time. We pretty much wasted our whole afternoon in the library. Hahaha. But ohwell, at lease we finished the things that we needed to do. I suppose. Though I thought that we did a little too little things.

Ohwell, forget about that. Anyway, I probably typed this before, but I’m still feeling fucking upset about what happened yesterday to Japan. It’s really saddening and devestating to see such things happening to the world. I’ve been seeing many facebook statuses and tweets that this might be the start of 2012. If the quake didn’t happen, I wouldn’t believe in 2012. But right now, ever since the quake happened, I’m started to doubt my belief. It might actually be possible that this is the start of 2012.

However so, I still believe that this has something to do with us humans. It’s just my belief, but I think that this happened because mother earth is resisting us humans. It’s warning us that we’ve gone over the line of overworking it. I think it’s warning us that it’s time for us to start doing our part for the environment. That’s just what I think. What you think might be completely different, but it doesn’t mean that my thoughts should be the same as yours. For goodness sake, it’ll never be the same.

In any case, um, I’m out of topics to talk about. Oh, actually, I do. I just remembered. This morning, when I went into school, I’m like, whoa, that’s one hell of a noise. And it was coming from the cafeteria. Apparently, the shutters to the second level are all locked, and the toilet, next to the cafeteria’s locked too. Well, what happened was that we used the teacher’s washroom to change into our gowns. And guess what. That’s such an amazing washroom. Because there’s all sorts of insects there. Such as a still fidgeting cockroach, and a moving worm. That was probably where all the noise came from when I entered school. But in any case, yeap, it sure seemed scary though it wasn’t intimitating enough for me. It’ll be scary if the cockroach wasn’t dead. Hahaha. So uh, this is basically my day.

Ps. When you fall apart, am I the reason for your endless sorrow? There’s so much to be said.


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