If you think that it’s right, it’s right.

My goodness, I’m finally home. It doesn’t feel good to come home after one whole day of choir okay. I mean, especially with the fact that your mind’s screaming “YOU’VE STILL GOT THINGS TO DO.” Which meant that you can’t just plop into your bed and fall asleep because there’re still things to be done. Sigh, that’s exactly what happened to me. And right now, I’m making dinner for myself, and, um, trying to remember what other homework/assignments I have to do. Um, I’m almost falling asleep right now, as I’m typing into this post.

So, actually, today hasn’t been exactly great because some people kinda, um, pissed me off. Or, should I say, I couldn’t take seeing their attitude. But whatever, I shall not rant about how I’m unhappy with how people are. In any case, you guys shouldn’t too. We’ve got to look @ the outside of things. Um, that’s kinda not grammatically right. But honestly? WHO CARES.

Right now, what’s really bothering me is the aftermath of Japan’s quake/tsunami. That’s what’s really bothering me right now. Um, from what I understand right now, the real threat right now is that they’ll be radiation leak due to the explosion of the nuclear power plant. Honestly, I feel real bad about what’s happening in Japan right now.

Um, I’m heading off right now, because I’ve got other things to do. Just a quick update for today. Will probably talk more soon. 🙂

Ps. Hold on to me tight.


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