What happened to happiness?

I just realised these days my posts are short and seriously crappy. I apologise for that. And I do realise that I’ve been writing a lot about the Japan quake. Well, for this, I can’t really apologise for that since it’s probably the thing that everyone would know about, and also the most hot-topic right now. Though in school, just nobody speaks about it. And it’s kinda sad, because it’s as if nobody knows about it. Though it’s a total worldwide sensation. Wait, is that the right word? Hmm, I don’t think so.. But well, I suppose you get what I mean…

Actually, a couple of many things had been happening this week, it’s just that I don’t really wanna keep note about what’s been happening in choir. Other than all the singing. I suppose. Though seriously, I don’t feel like typing anything regarding choir. But if I don’t write about the Japan quake, or choir, I probably have nothing else to write about. Hahaha. You probably don’t wanna hear me rant about Fairy Tail. Though I think KS would. Hahaha.

But um, anyway, I don’t really wanna disappoint you with another short and crappy contentless post. But I can’t do anything now, because I can’t think of anything that I can blog of. Maybe I should go hunting – for a topic. LOL.

Oh crap, the term break is almost coming to an end, and these three days, I’ve been too busy with choir that I hadn’t been doing anything productive, like researching and such. Just choir and leisure. Sigh, tomorrow I’ll have to start doing my revisions, because there’s just so many tests coming up. Ohwell. I’ll just have to get used to this. If I don’t do well this year, I’ll probably skin myself alive.

So, Maroon 5 is coming to where I’m staying and having a concert on the day of MY BIRTHDAY. And yet I can’t go, because it’s the exam period, and it’s on a weekday. Not only that. Nobody would go with me! Sigh. Somehow, nobody likes Maroon 5 in my school. Or, yeah, that’s the feeling I get.

Talking about music, I realised, these days, the songs on radio are either getting too old, or the new songs just seriously suck. Which is seriously why I don’t even wanna turn on the radio these days. Um, okay, I’m just gonna end here. I’ll head off to do other things. 🙂

Right, this morning while I was leaving for school, I met this neighbour that’s staying a couple of storeys above me, and seriously? I find it kinda heartwarming because she’s just real friendly, and for once, I actually came up with a small talk with my neighbour. Hahaha.

Ps. I can get used to this.


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