Rolling in the deep.

I watched the original video, which caught my attention from the tune and the voice. I totally linked it, so, please check it out. Then, I saw pretty much of covers. The other one that I liked would be this. << would be more similar to the original because it kinda had the sad elements. Well, you can compare on your own later. 🙂 And guess what, Mike Posner made a cover too which is has a complete different style to it. And I swear, it’s not that bad too. Teehee, I’ll post it at the end of this post. Posner’s cover is more like when you’re bored in your room and you want a song with great beat to chill to. This is the kind of song you wanna hear.

There’s just so many good covers by other youtubers. I sure wonder why. Hmm, maybe I should do a cover too. LOL. In fact this song isn’t that easy to cover, if you want it to be real similar to the original. Why? Probably because of the power in Adele’s voice. It’s a real hard song to cover. 😦 But there’s so many covers of it. Some are actually real decent and cool.

Anyhow, I’m back blogging again. Probably because of my boredness or something. Hahaha. Though I’m falling asleep and not accomplishing what I wanted to do on the net. Sigh, I’m sucha failure. Sigh, forget it all. My sorethroat makes me wanna die right now. It’s like, not getting any better since last week. If anything, it’s getting worst. Though something real funny happened yesterday. HAHAH. Thinking about it makes me laugh already. Hahahaa!

In any case, um, there’s gonna be a level camp coming up on Wednesday. And frankly speaking, I’m not looking forward to it. (dang, I’m still jealous of someone who doesn’t have to go for his level camp. :() In any case, I’m gonna be away for three days because of this stupid level camp. In this three days, you can’t expect me to blog from where I am, so I might probably be blogging about it after we return. Though I highly doubt that I’ll even blog about it. I’m not excited about it. All I can hope for is that we won’t get regrouped.

In any case, I’ll be back for more pretty soon.

Ps. Just go and leave me alone.


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