We’ll still be selfish in the end.

There’re actually a couple of parts to my blog post tonight. And there’s also a couple of reasons why I’m blogging about these things though you’ll never know it, cause I’ll never post it.

I swear, going back to school on a Saturday seriously sucked because it kinda just ruined my mood for the entire day. At lease some irritating people didn’t go for practice today and I didn’t have to go through the pain of listening to them mumbling, giggling, laughing and singing out of tune. It’s not that I’m jealous of them. I just think that they can do all their laughing and mumbling out of the music room. They don’t have to do it while we’re having practice. Honestly, that’s what disturbs me everytime. Sometimes I wish that they’ll hurry up and graduate from the choir. I just think that it’s unfair that we’re always getting scolded because they just canNOT shut up! Why can’t SYF come earlier, and they can step down earlier, which means I’ll get a better mind? Right, enough ranting about how the irritating seniors can be.

So, part of this post would be dedicated to a couple of friends of mine who had been going through hard times. Or should I say emotional times. I just want them to know that, no matter what happens, friends are there for you. Don’t give up on yourself so easily! 🙂 Just smile and live on your life.

And Sandy, you’re not a bitch, and you do not suck. In fact, you pretty much rock. 🙂

Ps. Just be true to who you are.


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