Can you hear me!?

Well, the reason why I posted this song is because when I was having lunch at McDonalds, suddenly this song was playing. Evon and I were like staring at each other, cause we heard the starting tune. Well, if you listen to kpop, you’d probably know that the starting/intro almost sounds like Lucifer, by SHINee. Though the starting is a little different.

Anyway, it’s Monday! And finally after school! Teehee! Honestly, I don’t want the ‘week’ to end so quickly, considering that camp would be up in about another day. It’s kinda suckish, cause I really do not wanna go for camp. My friend’s like, give a stupid reason about your health, they’ll probably approve it. Though I doubt it’d work. 😦 Plus, it’s already um, Monday, which is like, in about two days before camp. Would it still work if I give a form like that? Plus, actually, I’m sorta looking forward to camp. Hahahaha. At lease then I won’t have to miss out on the fun stuff.

Only thing I can hope about now is that every class is in one group. Then we won’t have to get splitted up. Sigh. The last time I had camp, they always break the classes up. D:

In any case, um, there’s just so many things to pack. And guess what? I haven’t started packing yet! HAHAHAH. I’m so dead! :/ And my friends been saying that we have to bring poncho to school but the worst thing is that I don’t have a poncho and I do not wish to bring it. Like, who in the world cares about a poncho. Bring umbrella should be enough! Sigh. D:

Sigh, I don’t wanna go for camp. Oh, let’s get out of this topic. Um, so, I’ve been wanting to learn this um.. Lux Aeterna. Which is more commonly known as Requiem for a Dream. Youtube it if you want. But I’ve been wanting to learn the piano version. I guess the only problem is that it’s really hard to play and stuff. So it’ll probably take me a longer time to learn this as compared to the Fairy Tail piano covers.

These days I don’t have homework, so things get really boring after school. Especially when I’ve got no mood to revise my homework.

Ps. Just do it.


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