Baby I like it!

YEAH! I survived camp! Muahahahaha! It turned out to be pretty much like what I expected. 🙂 Hehehe. In any case, it was pretty fun. I enjoyeeeed it. Hahahaha. Crap, now I sound so high. Just some highlights of the camp okay. 🙂

  • High elements!

This is probably the best part of the camp because of the adrenaline that you get when you’re on the harness and hanging up there with no support other than the other person hooked onto you on the ground. In any case, I did all the high elements during this camp! TEEHEE. I feel like a survivor right now. :/ But zipline (flying fox) and apseiling was thrilling and scary! Why? Zipline was scary because the moment you jump off that tower, the string sorta ‘sinks’ and it’s as if you just jumped down the building. Apseiling was scary because the trainer there didn’t tell me that he’d be pulling the string/holding on. And I’m like, WHAAA, HOW AM I GOING DOWN? What was funny was that I was the first in the ‘group’ to do both zipline and apseiling. Hahahahahaha. In any case, both zipline and apseiling was fun. Even though apseiling was scary the first time.

  • Night hike.

I’m not gonna say much about this. All I have to say is. It’s annoying when they asked us to put our head down while waiting for our turn to do the hike.

  • Team building, general station, problem-solving.

I swear, I wasn’t expecting myself to do both the ‘stations’ from GS. I’m not gonna talk much about this. Hehe.

  • Hiking.

This one, is the most tiring one. Why? Because we walked for three hours. WE WALKED FOR THREE HOURS. And climbed 155 steps of stairs. I swear, it’s like, the most tiring thing ever. My leg muscles are still aching y’know! Hahaa. Also my hand’s, cause of general station. In any case, I survived through the hike. Amilia kept asking me if I was okay, because I stopped when I was too tired to carry on climbing the stupid stairs. Going down was a little scary because of the big ‘stairs’ and the slopes.

  • Campfire.

One comment: WHERE I LOST MY VOICE. D;

  • Mealtimes.

This one is fun because Evon and I kept singing whatever song that comes onto the speakers. Though the songs were picked by the trainers. But in any case, I knew almost all the songs that they played. Hahaha. What was real fun during mealtimes is that students kept sabotaging teachers to get up to the front and dance. I swear, that’s probably where I lose my other half of voice too. Hahaha, because my History teacher, also my homeroom teacher was dancing up at the front. Teehee!

Anyway, I’m home now, chilling to the fan, the airconditioner, my handphone, my laptop. Life has never felt better. Hahaha, my trainer kept going ‘you always go toilet huh.’ HAHAHA. That’s because I drank too much water! 😛

IN CONCLUSION: I enjoyed camp. 🙂 Though I’m kinda afraid of what will happen tomorrow during choir. D: Please just end my life.

Ps. I’m a survivor! I’m not gonna give up!


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