Shawty take it off.

HAHAHA. I think I’m addicted to listening to Let’s Get It On, by w-inds. Yeah, you’ll probably not know them, considering that everyone only knows kpop groups. Meh, kpop’s annoying, and pathetic.

Lol, there’s only one reason why I’m blogging today. Yesterday, I realised that there were red spots on my scalp. Well, at first I thought nothing of it, though it kinda hurt a little. And um, I almost wanted to scratch it, but it was too painful yesterday that I didn’t even dare to touch it.

Today, I looked into the mirror, and I saw my skin peeling from the sunburn. So, I thought, it’s just sunburn… nothing much… Then I realised, my scalp could’ve gotten sunburn! Just about an hour ago? I asked my mom if it’s possible, she’s like, ‘yeah, your scalp probably got sunburned.’ Probably nobody’d believe. Especially to those living in where I’m. But it’s true, I am having sunburn. ON MY SCALP. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Honestly, it isn’t really that obvious now, I guess.. But some website said that you shouldn’t put like, shampoo on that part of your scalp that has sunburn because it’ll slower the healing process? Thing is, I placed like, a bunch of shampoo on that part of my head. 😛

Nevermind, it’ll probably be gone soon…. I hope.

In any case, PURPOSE OF THIS POST. It’s possible to get your scalp sunburned. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Honestly, I feel kinda insecure not being able to see where exactly is the red spots now. And I can only rely on my mom to help me check it out now. HAHAHA. Dang, I’m feeling so sleeeeeeepy. And it’s only eleven plus in the night @ my time. I don’t exactly feel like staying up late, but not staying up late kinda wastes my weekend… LOL.

Ps. Let’s get it on~


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