There’ll be trouble when the kids come out.

I sincerely apologise for not blogging for about a week now. There’s just so many things happening this week, especially now that we’ve all returned from camps and stuff. This week was so happening. Well, at lease that’s how I felt. Hmm, maybe not…

Anyway, so, if you’ve realised, it had only been a week since I came back from camp, and I swear, there’s already been two tests. There’s actually a couple of reasons why I didn’t blog in the past week. I was either too lazy or I was busy studying for my History test, that I just took this morning. I think it’s either I nailed it or I flunked it. I hope I nailed it. 😦 But I doubt that’s even possible. Sighhh.

There’s another test coming up next week, probably even two. Which really sucks. And other thing that makes everything much more busier is that the midyears are coming, and I’m not at all prepared. So basically, it’ll be a super month and I’ll have to go through every subject. Wish my luck huh. I mean, seriously? I look at how hard my classmates are working, I think I need to do the same, since results don’t just come to you. I’ve got to work for it. (I’m no genius.)

Another reason why I hadn’t blogged this week is actually because I’ve been busy watching a short anime. Hehehe. In fact, I’ve actually started writing the first paragraph of the prequel of What Courage Can Do but I’m just too lazy to continue it. Too busy too, in fact. I’ll probably be able to finish it after the midyears. So, please do anticipate for it. 😛

Today, I kinda had a study date with my friend Sandy. We kinda sidetracked a little, but in any case, it was a fun day with stupid answers from questions that we posted to each other. LOL.

Right, anyway, I posted, and um, yeah, it’s short. But there’s nothing else I feel like typing. So, I’ll post soon. I hope. 🙂 My eye fucking hurts now.

Ps. Welcome to the future of your world.


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