The best place are probably your memories.

Right, there’s so many things to be written. Or maybe not. But watching, more like listening to MTV makes me think of many things. You’d probably be wondering what song did I actually hear? It’s posted, just a couple of lines before this. It’s a pretty good cover.

What did I actually think about? I thought about how life has changed ever since last year. You might probably think that I need to quit posting things that might hurt people? Um, to be honest with you, whether you feel affected by it or not, I don’t really care, because these are my thoughts. And it probably has nothing to do with you.

Ever since last year, I’ve got new classmates and stuff, and a whole new system that I’m living in. To be honest with you, last year was still kinda fine, but this year, possibly everything started going downhill. Yeah, sure, I passed Geography with flying colours, but I failed math and lit as if it was nobody’s business. Trust me, it doesn’t feel good when you fail for something that you thought you’d pass. I didn’t do well for English. And you can actually say that I hadn’t done well for any other subjects.

Yeah, I had never been an straight-A student, but I hadn’t been a failing one. 2011 has been a great change to me, and I don’t really feel good about it. Sometimes, I enter into my classroom, and I start to think, why am I surrounded by morons?

All I can say is that right now, I feel like a moron walking down the streets. I’m not going to lie, because that’s how I really feel. Sometimes I wonder, why am I sitting here, doing nothing, while all the other kids are studying for their tests and their midyears? Yeah, though it’s true that I’m not the only one just watching, I cannot help but to wonder, why can they work so hard and yet I’m not doing the same as them? I want to improve right? But I’m not doing anything to improve.

At lease, back in 2009, everyone were working really hard and yet now, everyone’s just slacking. Sometimes, I wonder what fills up their brains. Like I said before, sometimes I walk into class and I wonder why am I surrounded by morons.

Forget it, I shall stop here. It’s kinda depressing. At lease for me it is. But to people who aren’t doing that good and wants to improve, please do study.


Some idiot shouted something across the classroom about somebody being my boyfriend and I’m like, WHAT! And my dumb friend, actually heard that, and she’s like, “who’s your boyfriend?”. So, we were doing some stupid things with her stuff, and she’s like, “gimme a hug.” Well, being as nice as I am :/ I hugged her. And she’s like, “so who’s your boyfriend?” LIKE SERIOUSLY! And I totally freaked. Denise was laughing, she probably heard it. Zzzzzzzz. Joanne, SERIOUSLY?!

Ps. Just give me that motivation.


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