Denying won’t do it.

Yeah, I haven’t been really writing frequently. I strongly apologise. There’s just too many things coming up. The competition’s coming up, and I don’t understand why some of the choir members are still not bucking up. I don’t get why. To tell you the truth, I was caught off-guard when my conductor actually said that our goal is silver. I was definitely caught off-guard. And I don’t understand why nobody protested about it. Are people in my school really such losers?

Okay, I will try not to write such depressing stuff. So, recently, actually, it wasn’t exactly recently. It was just yesterday. I decided to check out The Wanted’s music, ever since hearing All Time Low on MTV. They ain’t that bad afterall! 🙂 And um, I think I’m addicted to All Time Low already. Heheh. Pretty fast huh?

Right, I’ll end here for now. I will post soon. And um, yeah. I still do not agree that we should have a stupid goal that low!

Ps. How do you get out from an all time low?


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