Hoping won’t do it.

Today has been a really big day for me and all my choir members. Remember that competition that I was talking about in a couple of posts? Yeah, today is our showtime, and uh, I’m not really satisfied with our results. I don’t know, but others are kinda satisfied with it because we maintained the results from two years ago. I think it’s all about the mindset.

To me, I don’t understand why we have to get a silver when we can actually get a gold. So, yeah, I’m never really a person that has high expectations on self because of the things I’m weak in, but I have higher expectations when it comes to choir because this is probably the only thing I do good in.

Today has been a really long day. Not only long, but also a disappointing and tiring day. It was our big day, I think I’m starting to fall asleep, my mind’s repeating points, and uh, I’m still pretty disappointed at our results, though I’ve kinda made up my mind for a gold with honors in the next competition. In any case, right now, I think what I should be worried about is my homework, though I’ve finished it, so um, I’ll say tomorrow’s performance for a thing in my school called Annual Awards, AA for short. This is the gayest event in our school. And this is also the event that makes everyone pissed, screwed, and anything like that. Why? It’s always about the teachers.

Yes, I’m starting to realise it. In this school, all the teachers are more or less have something wrong with their mentality and their mindset. Yes, I think that’s the right way of phrasing it. It’s either I’m getting too subjective, or I’m starting to pick up more and more stuff. Being in this school sort of ruins my intelligence, but I have no choice, but to stay, at lease, until I guaduate. Which I think seriously, I can’t wait to.

Like I mentioned about two posts before this, sometimes I really feel like I’m surrounded by morons, idiots, and everything like that under the sun. I don’t know, but sometimes I wish I was running the school. Though that probably wouldn’t work, since I’m probably not capable of doing that. Now, at least.

And, if you’ve realised, there’s something wrong with my blog, and I can’t figure out why, I’ll try to though, but in any case, just bare with the words for the mean time. 🙂

Ps. How do I get out from an all time low?!


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