Loving won’t do it.

Sometimes I’m grateful for the internet, but most of the times, I dislike the internet for certain reasons, of course. I’m grateful for the internet because it brings the world closer together, and it could help with self study and getting answers from homework. But I also dislike it because it brings harm to people. In the sense? I’ll come to that in a bit.

It brings harm to people in the sense that it gives cheaters a chance to hit on people who’re not that alert on the net. Because the internet has pretty much linked the whole world up, it’s hard to keep all the privacies up. There’s the problem, social networking sites like facebook has become more of a place where cheaters could attack on, instead of having them going out to rob. Somehow, this is much cheaper, don’t you think.

Also, you’ll never know whether what people are typing through the net are speaking of what they’re really thinking, considering the amount of time used suhc that it has been replied and noticed. And you’ll never know whether people are trying to cheat you, trying to get your sympathy or really need your help.

Sometimes, the internet acts like a mask for you, it covers up how you really feel and allows you to be able to lie to others when chatting on the net. I’m not surprised by that, since I do that sometimes too.

Don’t ask me why I started typing this. Actually, I myself don’t know why. It’s a boring post, yeah. Forgive me? Hehehe.

Ps. Why don’t you tell me?


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