Waiting won’t do it.

I’m kinda annoyed. Uh. Wait, what am I even annoyed about. I keep wondering about things that I cannot answer. I keep wondering about things that I don’t know how to answer. I keep wondering about things that I shouldn’t be wondering about. But I can’t stop myself.

A lot of things has happened this week, like you don’t know already. And it triggered my mood swings which sort of controls my life already. So, uh, I’m not really in the good mood, especially when it comes to when I’m confused.

My dad recently got an iPhone 4, and he has decided to hand me his iPhone 2G, which I’ve been waiting for a really long time if you don’t know already. But I have a feeling that it’ll take a really long time before he actually hands it to me, though I seriously can’t wait.

Oh well, as long as I can get it soon, I guess I have to stop complaining.

I wondered about how technology has changed after so many years. Especially after seeing those Facebook pages complaining about how kids nowadays have computers, iPhones, blackberry phones, Facebook, Playstation and stuff like that to play with. I hadn’t thought about it before, but I just realized something.

Why are we complaining about how kids these days have things we don’t have when we were younger?

Why I wondered about that? Reason is simple. Because I realized something. Yeah sure, we don’t have these things when we were at their age, but we have them now right? You’re also using computer, iPhone, Blackberry right? So why are we complaining?

Hey, ever thought about how our parents will feel if they were to talk about what they had in the past? Ever thought about how you’d feel if they compared what they have from the past and what you have now?

You wouldn’t feel that good too right? Since it’s not your fault that you have all these things at this time and age right? It’s the same with the kids now.

You can’t blame them for being alive at this time and age where iPhones and Facebook. Technology advances as time goes. And we can’t stop that from happening, neither can we make it happen faster. So, to tell you the truth, it might not be really wise to complain about how kids now have things that kids back then don’t have these things since it’s not a fair comparison.

But looking back at how fast technology had advanced, it’s kinda cool you know. From the old bulky huge computers with CPUs, to thin and modern looking screens, to small handy laptops. Sure, technology brings the world closer and that’s real cool especially if you’re the working sort that goes everywhere and make friends everywhere. At lease then, you can contact with them even though you’re not in that country. It’s cool, but like what I mention from my last post. It also gets real dangerous when it comes to meeting people through the net, and ended up getting cheated. Either cheated for wealth, or feelings. Happens all the time, I guess.

Sometimes I really don’t understand, why in the world would these people do such stuff. Are they really that desperate for money? Do they really feel happy doing that? Are they sadist? Just what do they think about when they do things like that?

Anyway, I think I’ll end this here. I might post again tonight. Depends though. I’ll be sleeping in my sauna room again. Hope it doesn’t get too warm tonight. I woke up perspiring this morning. And my dream this morning was… weird….

Ps. Dance the night away, live your life and stay up on the floor.(?)


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