Complaining won’t do it.

Seriously, don’t ask me why I’m blogging so much these days. I myself don’t even know why. But in any case, I feel real pathetic right now and there’s only one reason to this. I can’t remember if I have typed this, but the airconditioner in my room is LEAKING, and I can’t turn it on, because the moment I turn it on, water will drip ON MY BED. But because the heat’s getting unbearable, I’m going to sleep in my study room tonight. I swear, it’s pathetic because you have your own room, your own comfy bed, and yet you’ve to sleep on the floor in the study room. Sigh.

I wonder how my mom will respond when she realised that I’m not in my room. Hahahhaahaha. I wonder if she’ll think that I’m insane or something. Because you know why? I’m sleeping on the floor with only a blanket as my so-called ‘sleeping bag’. Come to think of it, I can actually take my sleeping bag… LOL. Maybe not.

But well, because I’m in the study room tonight, I can’t stay up till really late, but I doubt it matters anyway, well, as long as I don’t get busted. Lol. I still cannot imagine if anyone actually found me here in the middle of the night. LOL. They’ll probably make sure that I’m covered with a blanket. But in any case, this is a really random and short and crazy post. Bare with me alright? 🙂

Ps. I can do it like a brother.


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