But it turns out golden.

Alright, I’m back! Teehee, again. Yeah, I realised that I’ve been blogging a lot these days. And don’t even ask me how do I get so much time to get online even though my midyears are round the corner. In any case, I’m here right now, and that’s probably that’s what matters right?

Actually, I’m using my lunchtime to blog. Which is kinda funny, because it’s about four and I haven’t eaten lunch. How nice is that! Uh, and let me remind you, it’s my birthday today. And it’s four o’clock and I haven’t eaten lunch. Hahaha! How cool is that! Plus, I don’t have a good life like everyone else, where people can enjoy their birthdays, I’m kinda stuck at home doing and revising homework for midyears. Sigh. What a sad life I live.

Anyway, last year’s birthday, I gave a really short and crappy post back when I’m still using blogger. Actually, I’ve thought of  a couple of things that I can blog about. But uh, well, I’ll be doing that later at night, since I’m not that free right now, considering my homework undone.

Okay, um, I’m back. Like, after one whole day of uh, youtubing. LOL. Well, I couldn’t resist, it’s my birthday, I can do what I want! Well, at lease I finished my homework! 😛

So, uh, last year’s birthday post was really crappy. That was before I moved to wordpress. But last year’s blog post was short and empty. I suppose I’ll type more this year. Hehehe. But I kinda forgot what I wanted to blog about, so um, let me refresh my own memory uh…

I think I was thinking about writing about how we should move on. But uh, that’s impossible, since I blogged about that yesterday, if I didn’t remember wrongly.

Um, okay, I suppose, I’ll just blog about what I can think right now. I have to keep this shorter than I had wanted it to be, because I’m running out of time. There’s school tomorrow, so I’m trying to keep my energy level up.

I would wanna say. You. Yes you. All of you out there. Please don’t give up on yourselves, no matter how hard lives might be. We will never be living the worst lives. No matter how hard lives might be, things will always head back to it’s original track. Everything will return to normal. Just as long as you don’t give up on yourself. As long as you give yourself up, that’s it man. Nobody will ever pull you out.

So, to all of you out there, please just keep living on. When you think that you can’t do, keep thinking that you can do it. Keep leaving your comfort zone. You won’t be alone in the fear zone. You will not be alone.

This is probably for myself. But anyway! For people out there that have crushes on others, that probably already have girlfriends/boyfriends, you’d think I would say don’t give up. But um, I think it’s better to give up, before you get too hurt to get out. Dear people out there, if it’s getting too hard and harsh, just forget and give up. Don’t be a masochist and torture yourselves.

Ps. Goodbye, but don’t change a thing.


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